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A podcast is always welcomed by me.

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Love the show!!! Keep them coming, any plans for a 200th special?

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Bam! Podcast.


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It seems like this season of Arrow (and now The Flash, with the crossover) is just a big set up for Legends of Tomorrow. Hence why they: brought Sarah back from the dead, found Ray, are going to have an episode with Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and I'm sure we'll see Oliver discover that he has a son in the near future.

Don't get me wrong, I love watching the show, I'd just like to see Mr. Terrific develop more as well as others primarily in the show, instead of reviving old characters just to spit them back out again.

Anyways, awesome Podcast :P

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Yay, my Monday commute just got better!

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On Flash, why aren't we seeing characters from all 52 Earths? Why only from Earth 2? I mean, that means they all come through that big breach in STAR Labs... all of them so far.

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@overmonitor: Maybe only a breach was created between Earth 1 and Earth 2.

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@g_man: True, to your point no one said there is a different universe behind each breach. They only mention 52 breaches in total on Earth 1.

But to match with the idea of the New 52, it would make a ton of sense to have 52 breaches with each breach leading into a new alternate universe.

The fact that there just happen to be exactly 52 breaches and they all lead to Earth 2 is a pretty amazingly improbable coincidence, right?

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Doh! I was hoping someone had seen the Muppet's. Personally I think it's on the same level as The Simpson's as far as adult content. I'm assuming they're trying to recapture the same audience they had 30 years ago who has now grown up. It's definitely really interesting (to me) to watch the Muppet's deal with somewhat real life problems. The only question I still can't figure out, is it funny?

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@g_man Tell Corey he can watch Supergirl streaming online at CBS here!


I got that link from looking for the show on HULU and being redirected.. Hope it works!