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Hey, Long time!! :-)

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Yes, Super Mass. is back.

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THE LONG WAITED RETURN!!!! I wish you guys talked about non comic related TV shows


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Nice job, glad to get a full talk about the TV shows we all love (or love to hate).

I will continue to skip over any and all Walking Dead conversation because I don't get AMC so I patiently wait for all my Walking Dead content on Netflix. So far I'm a few episodes past Terminus and I've loved it all!

Regarding Agents Of Shield, I really liked that they gave Hunter a big spotlight. I really like his not-by-the-book approach to secret agent stuff.

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Welcome back Super Massive!!

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Thanks for the podcast. Loving Ash vs Evil Dead so far. Evil Dead 2 is one of my all time favorite movies and it feels like it captures the mania of that movie rather well. I forgot how much I miss the super zombie aspect of deadites. You get sick of regular zombies after a while. I actually beat that Evil Dead: Regeneration game at a friend's house. It was okay, nothing great, decent adaptation of the mythos I guess.

The Flash in my opinion is one of the best live action super hero shows ever made (in America anyway). That's kind of sad to say because there are still parts of that show that I DO NOT LIKE. Those times when the CW-ness of the episode just oozes through the screen are sometimes unbearable. I hope Zoom shows up on the next season of Lucha Underground.

I'm more than half way through season 3 of Arrow but it took me MONTHS to get through those seasons. It has been a real slow burn and it's a shame because that series is precisely half great. About 50%, like 20 out of the 40 minutes of the episodes are freaking awesome and the action scenes are way better than most of the stuff in The Flash. Then about 10 minutes are okay, like nothing really happening but characters getting sort of established with some decent acting, then another 10 mins are that unbearable CW sludge that they have to squeeze in there to give it a broader appeal or whatever. Overall I like it a lot.

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Laurel was trained by Nyssa al-Ghul too, don't really remember but they mention how she must have been a really good teacher tongue-in-cheek.