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** POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR WAYWARD PINES**ive noticed in wayward pines that when Toby Jones is on screen it seems to be raining.dont know if that is significant or just the weather in that region but when i went back to see if it was in every scene,i noticed that in episode 1 he had a really oversized umbrella. at the end of episode 3 it was raining too.also in episode 3 the phone call the agent made to warn they where"headed your way"was to a Mr Pilchar/Pilchard or something like that but it was definetly Toby Jones(Dr Jenkins) voice.would love thoughts on this.keep up the good work.love that Tony calls Charles Manson Charley-is he a fan of his work?

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Batman will never be in Gotham so it doesn't matter when they introduce villains

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@nocapes: I'll have to keep an eye out for the rain. As for Charlie, that's what they call him in the show at this point.

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@g_man : i know that M.Night Shyamalan has recurring themes and motifs throughout his movies like ,colour saturation and i havent noticed anything yet except for that. he also seems to have a thing with water in a few of his movies like Unbreakable,Signs and funnily enough Lady in the water.someone on the website strangeculture even theorised that he may have hydrophobia and this was a cry for help lol. as for Charlie (i spelled it charley because of someone i know)im just about to get into aquarius so i hope you guys are gonna keep talking about it and also wayward pines.just talk about everything.again love the show and love the fact you guys reply to posts.thanks

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@inferiorego I'm so excited that you are thinking about brewing craft beers!! The chemistry can get crazy, but it's fun and the results are usually good!! Oh and I love 15 year Glenlivet too, along with Balvenie. They are such nice balanced, flavorful scotches.

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@nocapes: What's interesting about AQUARIUS, and I think I discovered it after we recorded, NBC is testing binge watching. So all the episodes are apparently available on OnDemand. I'm three episodes in now. The first was an hour and a half.

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@g_man : after watching the first episode i think ill "binge watch"this today.i think some series are better watched that way but i still like a weekly series for things like the Flash and game of thrones etc just because i like to re-watch them in case i missed anything which ive had to do after not noticing something that you guys point on the podcast.

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@nocapes: My problem with the OnDemand, at least with our cable provider, you can't rewind if you missed something and you can't stop and come back later. If you stop it and exit, you have to start over from the beginning and you can't fast forward. You basically have to commit to the full episode in that one sitting. A small price for the convenience of watching it whenever.

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Just for the record, the old Doctor Who tapes weren't destroyed in a fire; The BBC purposely wiped the tapes themselves, because at the time re-runs weren't really a thing, and it was way more cost effective to reuse old reels of tape than to buy fresh ones each time they filmed. The only reason we have any of those episodes from those early seasons is because copies were sent to other countries for them to air.

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@g_man :yeah i think were spoiled these days with how we watch tv and movies.on a completely different different topic i read that Secret Wars #4 will be slipping 2 weeks and taking some other tie-ins with it have you heard anything about it?

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@g_man: wow i need my eyes tested i just realised the guy playing Manson is the guy who played Renley in GoT

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@nocapes: I haven't heard about that.

It's unfortunate. But I'm all for a slight delay rather than have quality slip or things spoiled if told out of order.

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NBC is testing something new in that it released all episodes of Aquarius on demand but is also airing the episodes weekly. So yes, you can watch every single episode now on Hulu or NBC.com

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@bigl: I basically said that in a comment above. Are you watching? If not, do it!

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@g_man: sorry I didn't see the comment, and yes I'm watching it I'm currently on episode 4

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I always found it adorable when anyone tires to say any big hero is a rip off of another. They sincerely believe that Superman and other super heroes were original ideas. xD A lot of DC heroes were just the first super heroes in COMICS but super heroes were around in stories for 1000s of years before hand. A perfect example would be the Flash. Do you really think no one had the "original idea" to have a guy who runs fast until the 60s? xD The greeks beat DC Comics to it by a few centuries. I mean hell Jay Garret's helmet is straight off of Hermes and I would hardly say Flash is a "rip off" of greek mythology.

People seem to struggle with understanding something being a "rip off" and something just using tropes. X-Men are not a rip off of Doom Patrol the X-Men just used a lot of the same visual/story tropes because they both are based on the (not original idea) of making a team of misfits. They are both their own thing.

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Tony's comments about how Batman looks in the Suicide Squad pics sound really silly to me. I don't think he looks weird at all. It's just a stuntman doing the scenes which will likely take up 30 seconds or so of actual screen time. Ben Affleck fills out the suit just fine, and I'm sure if they haven't filmed him in the close up or dialogue shots of that same sequence yet, they probably will. If we had on-set photos of the stuntmen in Bale's Batman outfit, those probably weren't form-fitting either. As long as the actor fills it out, we're fine.

And the book Geoff Johns and Gary Frank did recently is EARTH ONE, not zero.

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Electra was mentioned in an episode of daredevil as a GreekgirlMattdated, but theybrokeup.

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I think Susan left Dr Who by being left on earth and the doctor told her he was going see her again one day.

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@g_man : @inferiorego: http://youtu.be/T_fvj9J2hnQ

Susan left in season 2 at the end of 'The Dalek Invasion of Earth'. It's not one of the William Hartnell episodes that were lost, actually most of the lost episodes are from the 2nd Doctor's tenure.

Funnily enough, he said he'd come back, but he never has so far. Unless you count the 8th Doctor audio stories as canon.

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Susan met the second, third and fifth Doctors on screen in The Five Doctors, and off screen the seventh in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip Ground Zero and the eighth in the novel Legacy of the Daleks (which timeline is probably overwritten by) the eighth Doctor audios.

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@g_manlol :lol just watched ep 4 of wayward pines-so much for my rain theory

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I enjoyed all the time-travel and nostalgia talk. :) @inferiorego@g_man What do you guys think of Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve. I just like the time travel method and the moment he was snapped back to the present.

If anyone wants to see a cute anime movie with time travel, then I recommend The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. It's kinda like Groundhog Day, but she is choosing to time travel back to the same days.

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I actually started watching The Flash because of these podcasts. I didn't realize it would be so great. I could do without the faux romantic comedy CW feel that it has but otherwise it's terrific in how unabashed it is about being a super hero TV show. Zero interest in watching any other series based on DC/Vertigo. I may someday catch up on Arrow but that's about it. Thanks as always. I never miss a week.