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I going to check this one out .

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Bruce ************* Lee!!!

I was watching that same show on comics on PBS a few weeks ago! At the exact same time DMC was! Coincidence?!

That was great, thanks.

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YES! What a show *whew*

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You guys should invite Darryl to the regular podcast! Think about it, it would be EPIC (and also Van Jensen. Hehe)

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awesome interview!!!!!1

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Wow! Darryl McDaniels what a character.

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Great podcast, and I love how Darryl's passion for comics takes over. He kinda lost me when he started discussing the popularity of Digital DJs and Superhero Movies vs DJ's who started spinning on vinyl and long-time comic readers, but I understood where he was coming from.

I DJ digital now, but for years had to haul around at least 4 250 cd notebooks along with decks and a mixer to gigs and yeah...you do begin to appreciate the art and effort DJs put into their craft when looking at the materials used.

I can't wait to check out this new imprint. :D

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I saw him at SDCC in July standing at the Previews Magazine booth signing autographs. He seemed to really enjoy himself and was super nice to the fans that came over to meet him. I`ll have to pick up a copy of his book.

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Loved it!

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Seems cool, I'll check it out.

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Seems like a cool guy who really enjoyed his comics back in the day.

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This was awesome, hope he comes back on the podcast again. Can't wait to check the comic out!

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This was a really cool episode. McDaniels was a bit long winded at times which is unfortunate since Tony could barely get in a word edge. However I was hanging on his every word because heck dude this is DMC we're talking about. I for one think it's super cool that he's getting into making comics. On a funny side note his voice sounds almost exactly like a dude I use to play with on Xbox Live. I wonder if Darryl has played any Left 4 Dead. Thanks for the podcasts G-Man.

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Superb episode.

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So Dope!

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As much as I like Tony, he wasn't really needed, minus the intro. :P

Great podcast!

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