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Woohoo! I'm so glad you are doing these, Tony. I follow a lot of comic creators, so hearing them on my favorite site is just the bee's knees.

Glad to have Joshua back!

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aWWWWWWWWWWWWW yeaaaaaaaaah

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This came up right when I got home! Perfect. :D

Edit: Btw, Bunker sounds pretty awesome.

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When Josh was explaining MODOK to his wife he kinda sounded like Bill Cosby. That made me laugh.

Speaking of organizing comics I did just that over the 4th of July weekend. Me and a friend spent 11 hours alphabetizing 16 long boxes. My back was killing me after. I did manage to get rid of 5 boxes worth of comics, so next time that's 5 less that I'll have to do.

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I would like a modest sized two bedroom house ;)

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I was name dropped a lot on this episode. My life was also threatened.

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@inferiorego: I didn't think you would listen. Have you heard all the other times you were mentioned in every single episode? I'm kidding...or am I?

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Pretty cool episode this week. I had no idea Josh lived in SFV as well. We should hang out some time. And by 'some time' I mean not at all because I'm not reading any of his books and I'm afraid he'd hurt me because of that. Hail Galactus. All Hale Fialkov.

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Not that all the Invincibly Super Massive guests aren't great, but Joshua Hale Fialkov is easily my favorite.The places he takes the conversations are just hilarious.

I hate to admit that I still haven't read any of the comics he's done. I figured I would give his Red Lanterns a try until DC ruined that whole thing. Then I didn't want to pick up his Ultimates because at the time I was already reading too many $4 avengers titles. I thought Hunger would be a perfect thing to try, because it's a limited series. But I didn't like the art (nothing against Kirk's talent, just not a style that appeals to me) or the focus on cosmic characters. Maybe I'll try the Bunker, but I don't generally buy digital comics. Eventually I'll read something by this guy...eventually.

Also I agree with Fialkov on the Glactus swarm, I think it's a really smart new take on the character. The F4 movie cloud thing was garbage though.

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@nappystr8: well for only $1.99, you can get a PDF or cbr file of The Bunker. Help feed his daughter!

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Love it :)

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I don't know if I have ever saw an imagine easier to read unintentional gayness into than the one for this podcast haha