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So Tony, British or Japanese Psylocke?

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If you don't get Batman get out.

I knew it... Comicvine is run by DC Fanboys.



You were at WonderCon DAM... I missed you all. I think I missed the Valiant booth because I was unfamiliar with them.



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Hehe now that's the question, isn't it? Brit or Japanese Psylocke :)

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Man, season finales of Rupaul's Drag Race are like the Super Bowl in my house.

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Now that I know that James Asmus is writing Quantum and Woody I'm not sure about getting. It looks really interesting...but I definitely did not like Gambit or the Generation Hope issues he wrote at all. No offensive to James, he seems like a cool guy. But his writing doesn't sit well for me. I am still gonna check out Q&W once I'm done catching up with Marvel and DC.

@g_man, I think you can still be credited for the cosplay for at least thinking of the character. I always let my brother and my friend design the costumes for me and neither them knows much about comics. I always have to give them pictures of the characters. Also, I know how that feels to barely get any pictures from anyone because I dressed as Wiccan and no one expect maybe a few exceptions knew who I was. Many people though I was Strider. lol So, I only had a few pictures and my boyfriend had tons of pics because he was Gunzerker from Borderlands. I was really jealous and disappointed and I didn't know about Comic Vine at the time.So, hopefully, I will get to see you at NYCC, Tony and you can take pictures of my cosplay this year. This is me and my boyfriend cosplay in last year's NYCC.

P.S.- You were right about Jubilee, so don't worry about it. Also, I'm wondering what issue is that bathroom picture from?

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Well the thing about that is even with Psylock in a Japanese body shes still British, I mean there is such a thing as British Asians

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I loved the topics covered in this podcast.

As a marvel fanboy, I can appreciate the comments about Batman. He's a great character and a money-making anchor for DC.

The Valiant discussion was fun too.

Instead of publishing my diatribe on why Gambit is the worst X-person ever, I'll just say, I'm glad it is so easy to avoid buying anything he's in, because he isn't appearing in much these days.

Someday when someone writes a story about Gambit dealing with the tons of STDs he's contracted from his philandering and must truly face the physical and psychological consequences of his fictitious history, I will buy the heck out of that book. Until then, I'll stay in the vocal minority of readers who don't like the character. /rant

...and the pre-Mojo, British Psylocke FTW. The purple armor is part of the deal.

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A monkey with a machine gun flying a helicopter? I'd buy that.

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Premium content, eh? Didn't know Comic Vine still did that, lol.

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@g_man said:

Here's the full image.

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Be sure to ask questions on the ASK VIDEO THREAD or on Twitter: @GManFromHeckand use the hash tag #AskGMan.

G-man it's impolite to make eye contact with another dude at the john. Them's the rulez.

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Hi, G-Man, i just recently watched Justice League Flashpoint Paradox and loved it , so my question is, granted i could be mistaken but i remember hearing they were planning on making a GL movie about the Sinestro Corps storyline so is it cancelled or was i mistaken????

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Tony read and answered a question about Marvel Digital Unlimited. The price is slightly higher now, $10/month or $69/year. I purchased a one month pre-paid card from Toys R Us for $10 so I could try it and not worry about having my credit card being charged if I forgot to cancel it. I do feel the service is worth the money but the app and experience is not as polished as Comixology; their panel-by-panel view is broken (on the iPad 3 at least). I did a post on my impressions after one week earlier this month http://terminaliq.com/blog/2013/7/7/marvel-unlimited

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I'm late on listening to this, but I was really interested in what James told about the interactions between writers and editors. Great stuff! Thanks