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This Friday, CHEW writer John Layman will be the special guest on the Comic Vine podcast. We will be doing things a bit differently this time by letting you guys know who will be featured on the show before Friday, and we won't be uStreaming it live anymore. We want to be sure to get all of your questions prior to having the guest on the show. If you have not been reading CHEW, I highly recommend you do, it's one of the best series out right now. Submit your questions below and we will be sure to ask them Friday morning!
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"As any great writer does, I'm sure you hit "Writer's block" What are some things you do to pull through it"

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Thanks, Sha! :]

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1. "What was the inspiration for Chew"
2. "If Chew was turned into a film, who would you wanna see direct it (other than yourself)"
3. "What Image comics, character would you like to Write Tony interacting with"
4. "Will you be at San-Diego this year?"
5. "What's it like working with Rob Guillory (a man who has quickly become my favorite Artist at Image)"

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That's kind of disappointing that Ustream is being abandoned altogether. That was my whole purpose for joining Ustream at all. To enjoy the Comic Vine podcast. It was nice to live chat amongst other members as I listened to the conversations.
I even put off my workout for tomorrow and got up early to mow my lawn to make time for this Ustream. Oh well, more reading time and video games today.
I kind of had a question to ask, but it was directed toward the CV staff. I'm working on a Batman themed 4koma about the return of Bruce and I need to know something particular to finish my joke.
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@FoxxFireArt:  Basically we've decided that podcasting and Ustreaming are two separate things. This does not mean that we've abandoned Ustream for good. It should be obvious that we are fans of Ustreaming. We do have some big plans in the works for live broadcasting. Stay tuned.
And at least your lawn has been mowed. Now you don't have to worry about it.
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Well, good to know it's not abandoned all together. I was worried I joined Ustream for nothing. I hate joining websites if I'm not going to use it regularly.
I just hope there is enough notice for live broadcasts in the future. I'm three hours ahead. Often times, when you all did the Live Wonder Con stuff. I always missed it. I would join and it was over.
Lawn is all mowed. That is a positive. Even my flowers look to be blooming soon.
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Are we supposed to submit questions for future podcasts here as well or will a new thread be started for each new podcast?