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Dear Comic Vine,

I want to start by thanking you for making my Fridays so awesome. Tony, your knowledge of all things geek is unparalleled. Sara, you bring unique perspectives to many issues that I may normally not consider. Corey, your witty one liners keep me rolling on the floor. Finally, James, if you are visiting, I just want to let you know that Earth 2 has consistently given me nerdgasms for the last four months.

But enough jibber jabber, my question is for Corey, because of his expert knowledge in running a comic store (Two Cats Comic Shop, 320 West Portal Avenue). After hearing my debacle you may feel sympathy for me, or want to have me tarred and feathered (If you're in to that kind of thing).

I have recently been dealing with the soul tearing debate that many comic fans have been wrestling with: DIGITAL VS. PRINT. I realize there are far too many pros and cons on both sides of the debate for me to list. Believe me I tried writing them all down. I ended up writing a 2,000 page novel entitled "What Have I Done With My Life?" My issue deals with the comic store in today's digital world.

These shops are a safe haven for geeks like myself. It is not just a place to pick up your comics, but a chance to socialize and interact with your fellow brethren. Let's face it for some of us this may be the only social interaction we get throughout the week. (Yes, I'm talking to you smelly ponytail guy in the Avengers shirt stained with ketchup, mustard, and tears. I love you, but please take a shower.)

My personal tale begins 28 years ago when my mother and father... Wait that's too much information. It begins five years ago when I first began entering my local comic book shop. Instantly I fell in love, and I began visiting the store weekly or biweekly. The staff was friendly and curtious , and they always had my pull list ready.

Unfortunately, after about four years tragedy struck. I met a beautiful woman, proposed, and bought a house 45 minutes away from my favorite shop. (For all of my Nerds in Arms listening, yes it's true we can meet women. Just hold the faith.) On top of being sucked away by a beautiful temptress I also lost my job as an elementary librarian due to budget cuts (Apparently we don't need books in schools anymore). I explained my situation to the workers at the shop, and they were very understanding. I let them know that I would still be making a trip once a month, but I had to cut about half of my books. They were still very hospitable.

But then the plot thickened. About a month later I made the long trek to the comic shop. When I arrived at the counter to buy what I expected to be a small handful of comics from my pull list, I was shocked to see all of my original list still there. I informed them that they had made a mistake, and about half of those comics were to be cut. They looked at the list and realized I was right. However, they still told me it was customary for a guest to empty his entire box before cutting his list. At this point I was beginning to get angry. I had already emptied my box, and I had already let them know of my cuts! In the end I told them I just couldn't afford it, but still bought abought 80% of the pile. (Let's face putting comics in front of a geek is like sprinkling cocaine on a recovering crack head. We're gonna cave.) To make sure everything was okay they double checked my phone number in case of problems (important plot point) and sent me on my my somewhat merry way.

For several months things seemed normal. Once every thirty days I would return to my shop like the salmon instinctively returning to their spawning grounds. My fiance (the temptress) saw my many travels, and for Christmas bought me a Kindle Fire thinking that if I bought digitally I wouldn't have to make as many unnecessary trips. ( Damn her, and her loving, caring heart!) I began to buy a few new titles digitally, and I won't lie, I liked the convenience. But I couldn't turn my back on my shop, or the feel of holding a freshly printed comic in your hands. By hell or high water I had decided to be faithful to my shop...kind of.

My life quickly picked up, and before I knew it I was two issues behind on my comics. (Two whole months!!!) The first free weekend I had I rushed to my shop. When I went to the counter for my box the cashier informed me my pull list had been closed, and all of my comics had been put back on the shelf. This was the last straw! Filled with rage I desperately paced through the shop in hopes of finding my missing books. Most of which were now sold out including Batman Issue 10 and 11, and Earth 2 Issue 3!!! I was so mad I decided that if this is how they were going to treat me, then I'd go completely digital. When I finally cooled down and approached the counter with my sad stack, I asked why they had closed my box. The cashier being a kindhearted man informed me that every time a comic isn't picked up they take a major hit. I understood, but asked why I never received a phone call to let me know. He had no answer.....

In the end I made a compromise. I now only buy my DC Comics at the shop, but any Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, independent comics, etc. would be bought online.

Please let me know if this a fair compromise or am I being a complete jerk. Was I wrong for getting upset? Are digital comics the future? Why does Sara hate Nightwing so much? Will my fiance beat me for calling her "the temptress"?.......

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Hey guys!

As I was watching the Olympics this week I couldn't help but think of the incredible will power that some of these athletes have to be able to push themselves so far. Which got me thinking:

Who on Earth do you think possesses enough will power to actually become a Green Lantern? I would say Aron Ralston (the subject of the film 127 HOURS), simply because I can't imagine the will power it would take to cut off your own arm.

What do you guys think?

Have a great weekend!

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dear comic vine

just wondering if you guys have ever considered having joey esposito form ign assembled as a special guest?

i feel that there podcast is the only comic book podcast on par with yours and perhaps tony could make things interesting by adressing saras alleged crush on him wink wink

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hey g-man whats your thoughts on king city?

and also what did you think of grant morrison's run on new x-men where he revealed xorn to be magneto even though xorn showed mutant powers why different than magnetos earlier in the seriese

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As of today, how would you personally rank the following mediums of superhero storytelling, in terms of your enjoyment:

- Comic Book

- Film

- TV Show

- Animation

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What DC Calamity is they worst in your guy's opinions?

examples being: the destruction of Coast City, destruction of Bludhaven, Death of Superman, destruction of the Green Lantern corp and so on and so forth

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Dear Comic Vine,

I just want to start by saying that you made my day last Friday when I listened to your podcast. Not only did you answer my question, but I never imagined you would actually read my entire rant about how I was mistreated at my local comic shop. Seriously, my question was a mini novel, but you folks listened to my gripes and groans. You rock, and I will try to be quick this week.

With Hollywood cashing in on Comic books left and right we have become very spoiled over the years. However, being a huge fan of shows like "Game of Thrones", "Boardwalk Empire", and "The Sopranos" I can't help wondering if these pay per view channels are a better format to bring comics to life. HBO has been creating great shows with big name actors and great stories. I personally felt that "Watchmen" would have been a million times better if it were a 12 episode mini series on HBO rather than a feature film. I know Hollywood wants to make the big bucks from the box office, but do you think stories would benefit from becoming a well made series? Also what comics would you like to see made this way? I personally think that one of my favorite comics, "Invincible", would be much better as an ongoing HBO series because of its many characters and various plot lines. The special effects might be the only snag.

Thanks again.

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Hey Tony, Sara, Corey, and maybe James! I think you're podcast is extremeley awesome! Here are some of my questions:

1. Is it remotely possible to adapt a modern arc into a movie? Like Spider-Island or Court of Owls?

2.If Scott Snyder ever left Batman, (lets hope not), who could take up his stead?

3. What would each of you say is the most overrated and underrated new series of the new 52? Discuss.

4. Who do you think, in your opinion, was the greatest Batman writer of all time?


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Thanks for doing the weekly podcasts. I usually listen to your podcasts during yardwork.

Anyways, you guys usually focus on the STORIES and sometimes on the WRITING behind comics. Typically, you guys talk about everything cover to cover. But you don't really talk about COLLECTING comics and what that entails.

What do you guys do with the overflow of comics filling up your living rooms, etc? Where do you store this crap? Do you get a TPB to replace the issues? Throw the issues out? Sell them?

With video games there are numerous options for actually getting some of your investment back (amazon credit, trading sites, ebay), but I don't know what to do with comics I'm not going to read any more.

Corey: feel free in the future to talk about the retail side of comics. I find it very interesting, hopefully others do too.

Want to give a shout out to my local comics shop "Austin Books and Comics". Great store.

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Hey everybody greetings from Walnut Creek (the Dub C). I Hope you all are having a stupendous Friday. Corey, Sara and Tony and Mr. James Robinson you guys are amazing.

So I have a question about Green Lantern.

I have loved DC for years and read a load of stories from many characters. Batman, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Nightwing, Teen Titans, and many more. I have never really been a reader of Green Lantern...To some that may be blasphemy but the couple times I tried I could never get into the stories. I started Blackest Night and thought it was pretty good but confusing. Never read Brightest Day or the Sinestro Corps war stuff. My question is other than the Johns series going on right now, what other stories would you guys recommend to build up my Green Lantern knowledge. I just feel a little down that Im a huge DC fan and really dont have any Hal Jordan (or any other GL) stories under my belt (not including JL stories.) Thanks guys.


I just wanted to comment on SuperGmoney's question about HBO and premium channels doing comic book characters as a mini series. One book I would LOVE to see made into a quality mini series...one of my all time fav's, Marvel's RUNAWAYS. What do you guys think about that series as a mini series? Thanks guys and have a great weekend.


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Hi, comicvine crew,corey...maybe James if he's there, if not(awww...) Anyway,I've been listening to the podcast for the last five weeks and the topics you all have put forward has given me a lot of food for thought. Anyway I have three questions to ask. hopefully, it won't take up alot of your time. First, for Tony: As a fellow Jason Todd fan,do you think that after the "Death of the Family" storyline, that Jason will cause some tension with the outlaws due to violent relapses in his anti-heroic actions? Second,for Sara: After the whole AvX event due you think Namor should go solo or find a way back to Fantastic four.The whole alliance with the xmen to me seems too random. Thrid, For James: I have caught up with Earth 2 but missed the first issue.I love the parallel rot story you're doing with Lantern and grundy.Would any of these characters be of intrest or of use in earth 2 :Floronic Man,creeper,Miss Martian. Thanks for the time guys and no more fake Scarlet witch vaginal talk....it's too much

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I've been wanting to start reading some manga, but I was wondering if there was anything you guys would recommend? (I'm not even sure if you guys are really into manga) Also, a quick question for Corey, how do you spell your name? It's a bit silly, but, is it C-O-R-E-Y, or C-O-R-Y? And if James is on, I'd also love to hear what he has to say. Thanks guys.

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Happy Friday Tony, Sara, and Corey

I have two unrelated questions

1) I just finished reading Saga #6 and I am absolutely loving this series. I am a huge Brian K Vaughan fan and love all of his work, but just judging from these six issues, Saga may be his masterpiece (in my opinion). What are your thoughts on Saga compared to his other work? Does it have a legitimate shot at being your favorite from him? Also, how AWESOME is Fiona Staples' work?

2) In last week's Batman I couldn't help but notice how tech savvy and smart Harper Row is. Could it be possible that Snyder is setting her up to be The Oracle in the New 52?

Thanks! Hope you guys have a great weekend!


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Hey guys, thanks for awnsering my questions last week. You ROCK!!

1. I got into comics through the New 52, so im still a little new.You guys are always talking about Flashpoint, and I dont really know what that is. So i guess my question is, is it nessescary to read Flashpoint in order to understand the new 52? If so, is there trades i could get to read it, or could you fill me in on what happened? Im quite confused.

2. For some odd reason, i cant get DC comics on my comixology app? Do you guys get dc on it?

3.I am really enjoying Scott Snyder's run on Batman by picking up the trade hardcover. I plan on getting the second, but I will have to wait till march to do so, and i have already been spoiled about issue 10. But i love the joker, so i want to pick up issue 13 without reading issues 8-12. Is this a mistake or a good plan?

4. Would you guys reccommend the Spiderman Ends of the earth trade? How about Uncanny x-force volume 1?

Thanks guys!!

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Hello Comic Vine,

With the Spider-Man/Peter Parker celebrating his 50th anniversary this month; if you each could give him any one gift (no limitations) what would it be?

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Hello Comic Vine,

If you were to pick 3 writers from each of the Big 2 (DC, Marvel) and then put them in the different company, who would they be, which title would they take over, and why.

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Hi Comic Vine,

Due to your jobs/careers, you have access to an obscene amount of comics on a weekly basis. If you didn't have these jobs and had to purchase comics for your personal use, how many books would you be picking up each week/month? Which titles would that include? Would you be picking up single issues or wait for the trades, like Corey is a proponent of?

Thanks for the awesome website!

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I was thinking, Wonder Woman is Greek, her father is now Zeus and the Amazons have connections to ancient Greece right? Aquaman is from Atlantis, which is an ancient Greek city. Have the comics ever explored Wonder Woman's and Aquaman's connection? That both off them have ties to ancient Greece. Should the comics build a connection between the two of them in the New 52? Like in Wonder Woman's comic or Aquaman's?

Do you like it better when the hero has a group of friends or family who know his/her secret identity? Giving them a support system to help them handle being a superhero? Or do you like it better when they are on their own and have to hide their identity from their friends and family?

Is it better when the public knows a superhero's real identity? Like Iron Man and Captain America? Or is it better when no one knows like with Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, etc? Or is it better when the hero doesn't have an alter ego to worry about, like Madman or the Tick? I know some of these lead to more interesting stories, but as a reader is it more interesting or less stressful one way or the other?

Do you think they should just put the Green Hulk in place of the Red Hulk? I mean just sort of replace the Red Hulk in all his current stories with the Green Hulk? Make him an Avenger, make him have Banner's brain, make him look like a viscous monster Hulk, make him part of the team against his will, make him savage in battle, everything they are doing with the Red Hulk but make it Banner? Some reason, perhaps because I am not reading the Hulk comic at the moment, Hulk seems like he is on the outskirts of Marvel while the Red Hulk is at the center of all of it.

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What do you guys tell people who dont like a certain character? I got chewed out by friends, who dont even read comics, when I badmouthed Batman the other day. I hate him and I realize that may be blasphemous to you guys since you love him for the most part. I think Scott Snyder is one of the best in the business. I love Swamp Thing and American Vampire, but I was bored by Batman: Court of Owls. The only stuff I've liked from batman books were pretty much anything pertaining to the Joker or some other classic dubious villain.

What say you guys?

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Hi work/boss,

Who let the dogs out?

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random thought i had on last weeks AvX #10 - when the scarlett witch faced cyclops she threw some half assed energy blast at him and then says "thats all ive got" really?! isnt this the same wanda maximoff that turned the marvel universe upside down not so long ago and can pretty much bend reality at will?! when this arc started off there was actually a fare bit of focus on wanda and her abilities but now she seems to have been swept under the rug.

do you think that this "reboot" will actually have something to do with her powers altering reality?

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Hi CV,

What upcoming new TV shows are you looking forward to? 666 Park Avenue, The Revolution, Arrow, Coma, etc. . .

Second question, I always see awesome variant covers posted online but I never see them at my comic store. How does one go about getting these variant covers?

Also, great work on the 3 Minute Expert. You said you worked on this on your own time but can we expect to see more video features in the future?


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Hey guys. As always its a pleasure to listen to you all every friday. It makes the end of the week that much sweeter. If Mr. James Robinson is present I would like to let him know I am loving Earth 2, and I have recently started reading Starman, (Just finished the Sins of a Father Trade) and have only awesome things to say about it, and I will be looking to read the complete series. I have recently read a couple books and i just wanted to here your opinions on a few of them.

Marvel 1602

Superman New Krypton Volume 1

Kill Shakespeare

Ed Brubaker's Catwoman.

Thanks guys have a great weekend. PS Im really waiting for He MAN number 2!!!

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@G-Man: Hay guys (and gal) I was wondering, do you think Image should try and establish a shared universe and continuity or do you think they should just stick to there current set up? I know they tried in the past with Image United but that died in it's tracks. Also are any of you guys reading IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye/Robots In Disguise? If not you should, they are really good.
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Dear ComicVine,

I wanted to know your feelings on what some consider to be a touchy comic book issue... the art of Greg Land. As an amateur freelance artist myself I hate when I hear fans on the internet cruelly bashing an artist or writer often without any remorse. After seeing many comments about Greg Land I searched the web to see what the problem was. Mr. Land was never my favorite artist, but I did always enjoy his work.

At first I noticed complaints about his characters looking exactly like famous actors or even adult film stars. Although some of the subject matter seemed strange I see no problem with using photo references. Most artists use movies, magazines, and photographs to create their drawings.

Next, I saw that he used the same image several times for different characters, and sometimes he would simply flip the image. Although, repeating to use the same drawing seems lazy I still don't find this action awful.

Finally, I saw evidence of images that were clearly copied or traced from other artists. This I find to be morally inexcusable and unacceptable. I have lost a lot of respect for his artwork no matter how talented he may be.

Do you agree or disagree with my feelings? Do you think copying from movies or photos is okay, or is it as bad as copying another artist?

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Are you looking forward to Arrow? If so why are you looking forward to it?

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Considering all of the Lantern Corps are going to be in danger in the upcoming "Third Army" Event, which Lantern Corp's (aside from the Green) would y'all want to keep safe and why?

Also in the New 52, why do you think characters on par with Superman, such as Mr. Majestic, and Icon have been missing (and for that fact, all Milestone characters, aside from Static & Hardware)? Do you think they will ever bring them back in the mainstream DC universe or possibly even Earth-2 (Last part for James Robinson ha)?

Thanks for Y'alls time!!!!

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What's the best way, in your opinions, to compel a comic company to utilize an infrequently used character? I love Warren Worthington, Archangel, I was both happy and sad to see him go to the forefront in Uncanny X-Force but now that he's gone from that, he's gone back to his previous nearly nonexistent status.

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Hello Tony, Sara and Corey!

Now that Rob Liefeld is gone, (good riddance, in my opinion), from DC, what do you think of the whole fiasco of him leaving, and then calling out Scott Snyder? Do you think his words were correct, about how Batman always sell, no matter who is writing, are correct? I myself, think that he is somewhat correct. Batman will always sell, but it always depends on who's writing for how well it DOES end up selling.

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Hi Tony, Sara, Corey (& possibly James), hope you are all well.

With the departure of Judd Winick from Batwing who would you like to see take over the book, and what direction would you like to see it go in?

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Hey, I just realized you guys were like the trinity of Comic Vine, although thats not a question, my question is with Marvel NOW! happening do you think they will try and start up a Young Avengers ongoing title or do something with the characters, they are noticeably absent from AvX and I think I might actually like them more than the avengers, maybe its because im so young myself, but the Children's Crusade was amazing, would you guys wanna see a Young Avengers book?

Also, im getting more and more into DC, i picked up WW, Flash, Batman, and Nightwing and really enjoy them all. I plan on getting the Green Lantern issues of the New 52 as well, my friends and I make fun of Aquaman a lot, but i secretly think he is kind of cool, is his series worth checking out?

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Question for James Robinson whenever he shows up on the Podcast about Earth 2:

Hey, just a thought, I know James said DC doesn't want any duplicate characters but because the JSA are from a different Earth (Earth 2) but will cross over, does this mean that they can effect and inspire the heroes/villains of whatever Earth the regular DC titles are from? So, for example, could Earth 2's Atom inspires Albert Rothstien from regular DC Earth and he becomes Atom Smasher? Or vise versa? So, for another example, Ted Grant of Earth 2 meets Batman of regular DC and is inspired to become Wildcat?

This is a question for when James Robinson is there, but if he isn't you guys at Comicvine can discuss it:

In the back of a Starman book you mentioned that you prefered fictional cities to real ones, Metropolis to New York. I think you said you liked writing it better and didn't want to look up and imagine that Spider-Man or someone had lived there. But in Earth 2 you got rid of Metropolis and Gotham and said that Earth 2 has no fictional cities. Has your opinion changed?

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So the five year thing. It comes up every week. Rather than continue to debate it, could someone contact Dc for an explanation? It makes sense that Batman was around for more than five years and they have not explicitly said that he wasn't. We do know the JL was started five years ago. But even if it was five. From 1985-2011 (Crisis) is 26 years. From past patterns, a 6 or 7 issue arc (6 or 7 months) can happen over the phase of two or three weeks. Ultimate Spiderman for example, started around 2000, in 2006 or 2007 they mention its only been a few weeks since an even happened which probably happened in 2002. Also, he is still in the same grade at school so ten years of stories has been reduced down to a year or less in comic time. So there should be any issue with 26 years of stuff being fitted into 5 to 8 years for Batman and the other heroes in DCU New 52 that have kept their continuity. Regaridng the Robin thing, yeah Dick could have been Robin before JL and then the other Robins came about (except Red which they seem to have retconned) in that 5 years. Its all perfectly feasible. Anyway those are just my thoughts on it as it does come up week after week on the podcast and it has seemed to bug a lot of people out there. I suppose this is a statement rather than a question.

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Hey guys I'm loving all the videos and listen to the podcast every week. You answered my question on ask and ye shall receive this week and it made my day! I wanted to ask who you guys think will be the new green lantern of earth in JLA, and who do you think will be killed off in order for him it exist? Jon Stewart? Guy Garner?

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Every time I watch one of Giant Bomb's "I Love Monday" videos, I see you two in the background and always peek over at the GB gang. How rowdy does it get up in there and is it at all annoying trying to do work or talk with people since they seem to be a loud and rambunctious group of individuals?

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Question for Corey:

It seems like Marvel/DC are always trying to get new readers. Some recent efforts that come to mind are Marvel's Point One issues, free digital comic codes, Marvel's $5 coupon with digital comic purchase, AR, etc. . . There are also the old tricks like launching new #1's and killing characters. As a store owner, what have you noticed has been the most successful way so far, not including the new 52, to attract new readers? How many of these new readers become regular customers? Also, are there any promotions like sales or give-aways that you do at the store level?

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Hey guys,

Recently many continuity inconsistencies have arose in the new 52 due to the lack of information regarding what is still canon versus what is not. My question is, do you guys think that DC actually has a master list of storylines (pre new 52) that reveals what actually happened (and carries over into the new 52), what was erased, and what was altered? Or do you think that they were so caught up in the reboot itself that they didn't think before acting and there just making it up as they go along (which would explain why they have been so tight lipped about what has and hasn't happened-- because even they don't know).

I personally think there isn't a canon list, I think DC saw a way to make money and acted without thinking about consequences.

In a perfect world, I would love to see a free issue released from DC that would explain all of the past canon that still exists because it's getting to a point where it's just coming off as lazy that they haven't. Heck, I would even settle for DC putting a list up on their website.

Thanks!, love the site and the podcast!

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Hey guys, thanks for awnsering my questions a while back.

1. I got into comics through the New 52, so im still a little new.You guys are always talking about Flashpoint, and I dont really know what that is. So i guess my question is, is it nessescary to read Flashpoint in order to understand the new 52? If so, is there trades i could get to read it, or could you fill me in on what happened? Im quite confused.

2.I am really enjoying Scott Snyder's run on Batman by picking up the trade hardcover. I plan on getting the second, but I will have to wait till march to do so, and i have already been spoiled about issue 10. But i love the Joker, so i want to pick up issue 13 without reading issues 8-12. Is this a mistake or a good plan?

3. Would you guys reccommend the Spiderman Ends of the earth trade? How about Uncanny x-force volume 1?

Thanks guys!!

On a side note, I asked these questions 2 weeks ago and you didnt get to it last friday. What's up with that?

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  • Sorry about the hate on batman, I really just dont like how broody he can be and how he seems to try and distant himself from everyone but yet has the biggest family of them all. I sorta feel that some things work out to well for him. (sometimes i wonder if he really is human) The reason I didn't like court of owls arc may have been mostly due to the fact that I listen to you guys every week and read most of your articles, I knew what was going to happen when I picked it up. I love that you guys discuss all the stuff but I didn't read any of the single issues and just waited for the trade. And not being a huge fan of batman in general probably is what ruined it for me. I understand that sometime crazy stuff has to happen in order to help the story move or to save the hero but batman has some nonstop craziness sometimes.
  • I do love the non powered superheros,my favorite is Ted Kord and I hope we get to see something of him soon in the new 52. But my favorite book is Earth 2 and I hope James keeps up the awesome work in that book. Do any of you think he could write an earth 2 version of Ted Kord if he isn't going to be written in the other universe?
  • By any chance do you guys watch Doctor Who? The new season just started and I was curious about your guys's take on the series. IDW puts out a comic of it so I figured it may be on your radars.

Love your guy's work


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This is for James, if you had a choice and creative control, what characters from the Vertigo, Wildstorm, or Milestone Universes would you like add into Earth 2 or any future comics?

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Hey I was wondering if any of you had any recommendations for non super hero comics. I really loved DMZ and was wanting to find something simular. Thanks and love the show. PS Tony please be nice to Sara this week! :)

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If you were to create a brand new comic book universe with its own heroes and villains, would you create a superhero laden universe or a more realistic universe? Describe your "flagship" character and the universe he or she would live in. :)

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Hay guys and gal. First of all I would just like to say to James I am a big fan of all your work, I'm pretty chuffed that DC have gave you a whole world to play with and I rank Earth-2 as one of the best and most consistently written books in the New 52 so far (up there with Snyder's Batman and Azzarello's Wonder Woman) suffice to say I cant wait to see you develop the heroes and villains that will appear in the future. On to the questions: 
James: I hear you are doing a book for Image Comics with J Bone, will it be set in the US or the UK and what style will it be (eg. funny, scary ect)? 
G-Man: You have said a few times now that you do enjoy some Manga, namely Death Note. I was wondering you have ever thought about adding a Manga section to Comic Vine or even doing a few cross over stuff with Anime Vice (eg getting Tom Pinchuk on the podcast)?What are the chances of ether happening in the future? 
Corey: Ok Corey it's time to bring the fire, whats the best joke you have ever heard? 
Sara: What started you'r love of comics? Was there a certain tv show or random book that you just happened to pick up?  
Thanks for the answers duders and have a good weekend.

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I'm a big fan of this generation's Batwoman. I picked up comics again with the start of the New 52. I read the TPB "Elegy" by Rucka and Williams, but I've wanted more. Since then I've pretty much tracked down everything by Rucka related to Batwoman which has in turn turned me on to Renee Montoya as "The Question". Essentially the only thing I haven't read about is when Kate Kane gets stabbed in the heart by the Religion of Crime...in falling down this rabbit hole to "get the whole story" I've decided that my next reading project will be to read the 4 collected volumes of the series "52". The reviews seem to be very positive from Amazon compared to other universe events. I also like the idea that these two favorite characters of mine as well as other B,C,D-list characters are the focus of this long tale.

Question: Briefly, what do I need to know about the events that occurred before "52" before reading the four trades? At a certain point, I just need a couple of comic whizzes to just explain something in short form. All I know is that Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman are missing/absent.

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Hey guys, awesome show as always. I got a couple of questions for you and hopefully you can help me out here.1-I want to pick up the trades of some of the New 52 books but I was wondering if they would include the #0 issues and/or the annuals in the trades when they release them or should I just pick them up now instead?It is more of a I dont want to buy the single issue and then find out it was included in a future tpb sort of thing. 2-I am a type 1 diabetic and have been since I was a kid(I am now 24) and I was wondering if you guys know of any superheros or characters in comics with diabetes?I have seen some independent comics geared towards little kids about diabetic superheros but was interested to see if anyone from Marvel,DC or even Image was diabetic? Thanks a lot Comic Vine crew. Keep up the good work

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Ahoy hoy comic vine crew. I hope all is well. I had a question for James but I see on twitter that he's busy, so I thought I'd humour you guys with a funny short story, well at least I think it's a funny story. And Tony feel free to do your best Irish accent.

I'm relatively new to comics, I came in with the new 52 I had read some stuff before that, but that was the main catalyst. Anyway I'm from Ireland (and I'm not sure if you guys know this but there is like no comic conventions here, and a only handful of stores in the entire country) and I was in New York when the first issue of the new 52 dropped (Justice League) , but I didn't really know anything about it.

However I was interested, so I went to Midtown Comics in Times Square the day before Flashpoint issue 5 and Justice League issue 1 were released . My hotel was like 2 blocks anyway from Midtown comics... I think (I don't get using blocks as a system of measurement, it seems totally arbitrary, we don't have them over here.) At the time I didn't even release there was a correlation between Wednesday and comic books and I certainly didn't know something big was doing down, but... I was suspicious at how late Midtown comics was open on Tuesday night, I passed by around 11:30pm on the way back to my hotel. I was going to go in but decided to go back the next day, which I did and I bought Flashpoint 5, JL 1 and a few others.

So anyway a few months later and Im a huge comic fan, I've ever converted a few of my friends. Then one night I go on the wikipedia page for Geoff Johns, who now is one of my favourite writers ever, and I see the caption for his picture is "Johns at the August 31, 2011 midnight signing of Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 at Midtown Comics Times Square". I then clicked on the New 52 wikipedia page and theres another picture of Geoff Johns at that signing, next to Jim Lee... I was two blocks away!!!. What sucks is that there is a good chance I will not be able to go to America again for another 4 or 5 years, until my graduate studies are finished. But.. I will make it back someday, and I will definitely go to all the major conventions someday and Geoff Johns if your listening... I will find you, and I will get you to sign my copy of Flashpoint 5 and Justice League 1. Thanks guys! Have a good weekend!

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Hey guys, got a few questions to ask so here they are.

James, I've been reading all of the New Krypton trades recently ( Great job, by the way ) and I was wondering how you feel about it being retconned as it clearly took a lot of time and effort.

Everyone, Are there any creators that you automatically like? Mine is Grant Morrison because my father went to school with him and even helped make a school fantasy magazine with him.

Do you prefer to go to smaller stores or chain stores to buy your comics? I like to buy from smaller stores to suopport them but if there's a comic I desperately want I'd go to a bigger store because they tend to get books in earlier.

How do you feel about how comic readers are seen in public? I've often had friends hide and damage my comics and I hate when they tell me they're for babies, I geuss they've never even seen a Batman book.

Just one last question,

James, I'd love to one day be a writer for one of the big two comic companies and I've heard that it's best to start by writing slightly smaller characters. I was wondering if you could give any suggestions for a DC character to come up with a story for, thanks.

Sorry for how many questions I asked and I hope it's not too much trouble to answer all of them, love the podcast, keep up the good work!

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Just two more questions.

James, What do you think of how British people are represented in comic books? I really don't like it, and hearing and watching Americans ( No offence, guys ) use posh accents like we're still in the victorian era.

Everyone, How did you react to Liefeld leaving DC? I spread the news to everyone in both comic stores in my city and I can tell you, nobody was upset.

Thanks, guys!

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Do you think that Marvel should put their free digital code in more of their books for example let's say Hawkeye and Captain Marvel? For me I dont own a tablet so i wanted to give my code to a friend who i think would be interested in those books. Would seem to make logical business sense for Marvel as it would get more interest in those titles