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I have been catching up on old episodes of Super Massive. The Flash airs way behind here in the UK, so I have been waiting to watch before I listen. You mentioned Fear the Walking Dead.(It was just added to Amazon Prime here). I think I liked it better than you guys but it was such a let down how they rushed over the breakdown of society. The first couple of episodes did it really well. The school buses turning up emptier each time and the incident on the highway. were really well done. Also it would not be a Walking Dead show without the characters making some really dumb decisions.

Sorry for the long post. love the podcasts and the site.

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I forgot to ask a question. Do you think we will see a Earth 2 version of Eddie this season. Maybe he is the mask guy? Seems unlikely that the guy behind the mask will be an unknown unless a new Earth 1 character is introduced.

The UK is finally getting new episodes of Supergirl on April 1st. We have had no new episodes this year. Maybe they wanted to bring it back to coincide with BvS? At this point it would not surprise me if it was an April Fools joke.

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Hey guys,

(please don´t answer on Supermassive. Since TV shows come to Europe later, I can´t listen to the Supermassive format for fear of spoilers.)

quick question, hope you can clear something up for me:

As a big fan of Pre-52-Superman I read the new Lois & Clark series. But I don´t quite understand the premise.

So Superman and a few other heroes were sent back by Brainiac to help solve the Crisis On Infinity Earths which he accomplished. After that the Multiverse was restored. So Pre-52-Superman´s universe is back. Also, he and the heroes that were sent back to Crisis with him, were given the opportunity to journey on to a universe of their choice. But Superman and Lois decided to stay on New-52-earth and live in a barn, because "their universe was lost". So: Why didn´t Pre-52-Superman´s universe come back?

Keep on the good work!

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Hi there,

Thanks for the podcasts, they help me get through the working day.I am recording a documentary tonight called FutureShock: the History of 2000AD. Are there any other documentaries about comics which you would recommend?


Goubs (Sounds like boobs)

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Hey G-Man and his amazing friends!! Was at wondercon but unfortunately missed you, but was an awesome trip since I had the chance to hit up Disneyland too.

Been absent from comics for a couple months despite being a longtime comic vine supporter, but it's good to be back and know that you guys are still here and going strong! My question is that I'm doing some writing in my spare time and I was wondering what you think is a good number for a superhero team, so every character has a good amount of "screen time" and can dive into their individual stories more?

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Hey guys, do you get the feeling Spider-man Homecoming is an internal placeholder name? Like Batman Intimidation game, or blue harvest? It just seems ridiculous.

Today I will withhold the usual backup troll comment, as they don't come across as funny on air as they do in my head. Even though I still struggle to get through Dark Knight Returns.

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Hey Guys, recently I went shopping and unfortunately came across a toy that I felt was a huge spoiler for Civil War. I'm upset because for certain movies I go out of my way to avoid trailers, articles, etc. It seems ridiculous that now I can't even go to a store like target weeks in advance of the movie being released without having a moment from that movie spoiled for me. Do you think retailers should be more responsible and not display products that could potentially be spoilers or am I over reacting? Thanks.

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Do you think the way "Homecoming" was used in Civil War is just coincidence or that there's more to it? With Tony helping Spidey with the Suit and RDJ already signed on for Homecoming do you think we will see the Iron Spider suit? Seem's a little over powered for Vulture as the rumored villain for the movie.

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Hey guys I wanted to hear you guys opinions on the Cloak & Dagger tv show coming to freeform (Formerly ABC Family) next year. I don't think you guys ever talked about this.

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Heyyyyyyyyy. So Tony mentioned he has been flying a lot recently. I have also been flying a ton and was wondering if any of you magnificent folks have found a good way to fly/travel with several comic individual issues without destroying them. What's the trick? I've mostly stuck to traveling with trades or reading digitally so far.

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Hey guys,

recently I´ve been getting increasingly annoyed by all the special/anniversary/landmark issues of comic books. Marvel and DC keep coming up with reasons for "celebrating" anything with bigger and overpriced issues. I mean, come on. When I want to celebrate, I invite people and pay for it. I do not say: "Hey I want to celebrate something, please come and bring money for the food". But Marvel and DC keep celebrating stuff by letting me pay for it.

We´re all on a budget, and having to pay 4,99-7,99 for one or many issues each month - sometimes for questionable reasons - is a big problem.

If you wanna celebrate, then celebrate, but don´t let the reader pay for the celebration.

What do you guys think?

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Hey guys,

First I wanted to thank you for the great work you are doing. Being that I live in Austria where not as many people are reading comics, your podcast and the site in general is an awesome opportunity to exchange thoughts about comics for me.

So since Supergirl is moving to the CW for the next season I was wondering if this means National City is going to be somehow transported to the Arrow/Flash-verse or the Earths might somehow be merged?

Also this got me wondering about the rumored Crisis on Infinite Earths event of the DC movie and TV show multiverse that might be happening in the coming years. Since the TV universes and the movies are so different in tone and the worlds in general how could you see something like this happening, and which universe do you think would be scrapped in the process? How do you think they would handle the situation that there are multiple actors for some of the characters?

Thanks again for the awesome work you are doing and your answer!


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Hi guys,

The unfortunate news about Darwyn Cooke was really sad and had me thinking about all the great comic art that's out there. As it turns out a lot of my all-time favourite images come from him with this one from New Frontier being my number one. I was wondering if you guys can actually pinpoint your absolute favourite piece of comic art from any comic? Not just your favourite artist but your actual favourite image.

Also wondering if you ever met Darwyn Cooke and had any stories.

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After watching X-Men Apocalypse tonight I kinda got the feeling that they were holding back on Apocalypse himself. I did really like the movie and the new actors and actresses I think are really well cast for their roles, but Apocalypse, for a character of his calibre was not depicted as threatening as he could have been...do you think he will be returning later on?

Also is it just me or was this movie originally called Age of Apocalypse? Do you think that changing the title might be a hint on things to come and that we will see the apocalyptic future from the comics in a later movie?

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Hi folks,

I decided to edit my question since I found out the answer already. So I thought I'd take this opportunity to ask you just what the heck is going with Donald Trump!?!?!

A while ago I asked if we had anything to worry about with this guy running for President and I think it was Cory who said it was all just media hype and he definitely would not get through the primaries. What say you know??

The rest of the world is getting really nervous that this guy might actually be running your country soon.

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Howdy G-Man and the World's Greatest Tag Team.

I apologize for this lengthy post.

The first 2 comics I got when I was 4 Years old was X-Men and Captain America and since, I have always been a huge fanboy of Scott Summers and Steve Rogers. I also love dry white toast and vanilla ice cream...notice a pattern? With the newest issue of Cap, something very massive has happened. I am not one for quick emotional reactions but for the first time since reading comics as a adult, I am now having difficulty doing so. Superior Foes is one of my top 10 favorite books ever so I have enormous faith in Nick Spencer, but boy this is heavy. My question is, "Is nothing sacred?" Should a character's history be changed to such a point to where they are not even the same character? If so, then why not use a diferent character? Old Man Logan is geat example of keeping the original caharcter intact, but also telling geat stories that you could not otherwise with the original. I know its WAY early to judge this story, but I can not help but feel the truth is what it appears. All the Captain America merchandise I have throughout my home now fills me with grief.

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Hi Guys,

I had a question about how you manage your collections. I just moved and am trying to manage a 10,000+ issue collection of Marvel comics. I have decided I need to downsize. How do you pick which issues/runs are worth keeping (if any) and how do you actually store them? Long boxes...long boxes everywhere!Thanks for the help and the great podcast!

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Hey Tony, Mat, and Corey,

I recently watched the new Tarantino movie, the Hateful Eight. It got me thinking, what if Quentin Tarantino was selected to direct a comic book film? What character do you think he would be best for? Thanks guys, love the podcast, keep up the good work!

P.S. If any of you have seen the Hateful Eight, what were your thoughts on it?

P.P.S. Back at last year's San Diego Comic Con, I was able to get into the Outcast panel, and they showed us that certain scene involving a kid and a cockroach. To say the least, everyone in the audience was pretty grossed out, including me, but it did get me sort of curious about the show. So, what did you guys think about the scene?

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Hey guys, I have two questions about current changes in comics.

1.Do you think DC came up with the three people being the Joker so they can actually kill one, and by kill I mean actually dead, autopsied, ID'd and cremated? If any character should have been killed by now it would be the Joker by any of a thousand different people. With three they can now kill one and still have two alive.

2. Do you think it's possible Marvel is making all of these character changes to see what sticks and what fails knowing that they can change anything with the return of the Fantastic Four?

Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

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Hey guys,

Have been listening to the podcast for about a year ago and absolutley love it! They get me through my Monday and Tuesday mornings in the office! So a huge thanks! But my question is more of asking for recommendations than a actual question. I took a extremely long break from comics in the mid 2000s until about 2 years ago and I Absolutely love over the top comedic/action type stories. Some of my favorite titles recently have been I hate fairyland, grizzly shark and 3 Floyd's Alpha King. Do you guys have titles in trade or current issues that would be somewhat similar? Again love the podcast thanks for your time!

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I just ready an article saying that a 5.5/10 rated issue of Action Comics #1 was sold at auction for $956,000. I have two questions about this:

  1. If you had this much disposable income would you spend it on million dollar comic books or do you find that a bit silly?
  2. Regarding the cover of this comic, I used to think Superman was saving the car from crashing. But now that I look more closely I think he's smashing the car into a big rock! Can you please confirm what is going on in this cover?
  3. Have you ever read this issue or held an original copy of it?
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Thanks guys, you're super!

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Hey guys, I've been listening to the podcast since the Sara days. Anyway, are you planning on doing episode recaps on Super Massive again now that the fall TV shows have started up? I know I would enjoy having those back to listen to each week.

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Hey guys,

Quick question, if everyone in the new 52 universe is essentially the same as before minus a few years taken from them - and if Wally can trigger their lost memories - what would you think what happen if Wally triggered the memories of Cyborg Superman? Huh.:-)

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I've been reading a lot on bleeding cool about how marvel has developed a way to gimmick the sales figures by over shipping, thus making it appear as if they are selling comics when they are not selling. Is this true? One of the great puzzlements to me in the past is how marvel can publish what is in my opinion substandard work, with badly written events that never end and character destroying stories and yet still sell. I've often wondered how I can be in such a minority when having Hawkeye murder someone sells. Are they playing with the sales figures or aren't they?

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Hi Mat and Tony, I've been trying to get some questions to you but January was crazy!Just a quick question to start. Is there anything, comic related, that you are looking forward to most in 2017? Could be a convention, an event, a series, etc...

I also noticed that I had some old ideas for Mini-Battles that I never sent in. I started thinking of elaborate rules and settings but that was way too much for an email. So please consider the following battles and assume they are simply standing in front of each other and must fight in a generic environment.

1) Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnis) VS Spider-Man 2099

2) Dr Strange (from film) Vs Harry Potter (from film)

3) Furiosa VS Sarah Connor (after her experiences in T2)

Thanks guys, I hope Mat enjoyed the Royal Rumble.


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I like thinking of the Super Bowl as the Superb Owl. Far more entertaining in my mind.

Question: What is your relationship with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Did you read any of the old comics? Are you readers of the current IDW ongoing? Do you have any Turtle wishes for 2017?

I enjoy listening to you guys every week. Keep up all the awesome work.


P.S. Is Corey ever coming back?