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I usually take the questions over Twitter as that's the fastest way for me to see updates. Some have been emailing, which is totally fine. This will be another option. This will be open all the time. I'll let you guys know when the questioning is closed for the current week, when we're off to record. Any questions asked after that will go to the next week.

So ask here, on Twitter, e-mail, pm's, etc. You have lots of choices.

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In regard to my previous question about your status on BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY. I didn't want to ask about the Harley Quinn issue. I wanted to ask your opinion on the design of Talia Al' Ghul. Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley, and even Talia's guard had really interesting designs with lots of personality. Something about Talia seemed to lack that same level of detail and her face seemed really expressionless. It was the same with Vicky Vale.

I would recommend to you all to try and get as many of the Riddler Trophies as you can. They unlock patient interviews, and Dr. Strange's conversations with Catwoman are pretty good. Though, I guess you might be able to also find those on YouTube.

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I was going to suggest this but was feeling lazy. I have to say its a really good option and its going over well with Ask and ye shall receive as well as last week's podcast.

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hi big fan i love justice league and i know sara does not because she is vary pick anyway. i have read comic books for 2 years that is a big part of you guys i want two know what is a good hardcover to pick up from the new 52 i have read and like every comic i am going to say red hood and the outlaws,justice league,new guardians,and red lanterns.

one more thing i like green lantern if you can be one lantern corps would you pick no green.

and what do you think about assassin's creed 3 if sara watch the trailer corey your funny ass hell

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Hey, thanks for answering my question a few podcasts ago, that was a lot of fun.

My first question is, Do comic artists and writers want people to know their names and what they look like? Or would they prefer anonymity? Would you mind if some random fan saw you walking down the street and asked you to sign something? I saw recently where an artist was stopped at a wedding and had to sign some comics.

A question for James, have you ever worked on a comic character that had been taken too far (by another writer or yourself) and you had to dial them back somehow? Like maybe the character started out as semi rude and evolved into a full blown evil person.

And last question, a while back I heard (possibly on Comicvine) that the creator of Shatterstar didn't like him being turned into a gay character because thats wasn't his intentions and looked forward to changing it back, what are Mr. Robinson's thoughts about creators and their characters being changed like that?

As always its great to listen to the podcast while I do my art. Thanks to James Robins and Comic Vine.

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Concerning Barry Allen in the DCnU - Am I mistaken that he should still be aware of the original and flashpoint universes and that this current universe is not exactly correct? Didn't he end flashpoint by giving Bruce the letter from his father?

Another Flash question: Does The Flash have any sort of Super strength - I know they explain his suit as being anti friction, and that his metabolism and healing are sped up - but when he punches someone going Mach III, shouldn't his hand ... at LEAST be broken. I feel that if I wandered onto the freeway and punched an on-coming car, I'd have some issues. Did i miss this explanation?

EDIT - Infinite Mass Punch - When The Flash begins traveling near light speed he gains the relative mass of such a great speed allowing him to strike with blows with the force of "a white dwarf star."

This is more in agreement with Sara lima concerning Dark Knight Rises - While Gorden-Levitt's character has been stated to NOT be Dick Grayson and NOT robin - I believe that he is still that "type" of character and that he will, whether temporarily (while Bruce is imprisoned by Bane) or permanently (at the end of the saga) take up the mantle of Batman. Otherwise, why would some random cop be A. Well-known actor, B. Be in one-third to one-half of the recent trailer and C. Have ANY reason to talk to Catwoman other than, "You're under arrest!"

I listen to your Friday podcast as i walk to.from work all week and only wish it were longer - keep it up and please bring Back James Robinson, he was hilarious, you guys really worked well off each other and so informative.

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Hi Tony, Sara, Corey and (possibly) James,

I recently started reading comics after about a 10 year hiatus. I was always a Marvel guy in the past, but listening to your podcast got me very interested in DC's New 52. I have been reading all the Batman family books, All-Star Western, Justice League and Teen Titans and have been, for the most part, thoroughly enjoying them all. The New 52 was a great idea, from the view point of grabbing new readers, as I was always interested in DC books, but the 700+, 800+ and 900+ issue numbering was very intimidating to me.

My question is this; Do you think DC will renumber their books back to the old numbering at some point? Having an Action Comics or Detective Comics issue #1000 has got to be a draw for some DC execs? Also, do you think the "new 52" universe will ever be reincorporated into the old universe, or reset back to the old one?

Thanks and keep up the amazing work!

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Hey Guys,

First off I just wanna say you guys are doing a great job with the site and keep up the good work. My question for you is, Do you think that the publishers would have better profits if they cut down the number of titles they have per character/Team. I think it can be a little confusing to people that may not keep up with comics, but maybe hear about an ongoing X-men story that they wanna check out and walk into a comic shop to find 5 or 6 different X-men books. I think the companies would do better if they took their best creative team for that character and assigned them that book. They could even make the books more pages so the team can cover a bigger storyline, and charge an extra 1$ or 2$. That way people could walk into a comic shop and pick up their monthly batman, spider-man , X-men book and not have to worry about buying 20 different books. The consumer can save a little money and the publishers are guaranteed big sale numbers cause everyone who likes say Batman would buy the batman book and so on.

Do you guys think an idea like this would work?

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I would like to ask your opinions on Eliza Dushku as the voice of Catwoman in BATMAN: YEAR ONE, and would you like to hear her voice the role again? I thought she did pretty well for her first time voicing the character, and the CATWOMAN short was far more sensual than I was ever expecting to see - mind you, that is in no way a complaint.

Also, do you feel that it's fair or accurate that Selina is often labeled as an antagonist when her motives are never that black and white? She's not as malicious or genocidal as the rest of Batman's rogues gallery.

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Hey guys, love the Podcast!

I'll get right to it. With all these comic book adaptations being so successful, I would imagine comic book interest would rise, at least for the release period. I bring this up, because I read that a new Iron Man was coming out. If I didn't read comics, would I want to buy a Iron Man without Tony Stark? Sure, you have the Avengers books or whatnot, but I think that would turn people away. Same with Bucky and Captain America. Would people want a different Captain America? Imagine they just see the movie, and go to read The Bucky Cap book The average joe would say "Why is that dead guy Captain America?" and give up on one issue.

I feel like you always need to innovate and push comics, if that means a new character or killing one, so be it (If it is well executed and they don't return immediately, of course.) But comics, like movies, are a business. When Green Lantern came out, I had friends complain they made Green Lantern white, and didn't want to see it. Don't underestimate the lack of comic book knowledge, not that it's their fault.

Thanks for reading this Tony, Sara, Corey, James or Norm or whoever! I hope it made sense.

Have a grrrrreeeeeat day!


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Thoughts on the new Green Arrow show on CW? Are you guys excited for it and did ever finish watching season 10 of Smallville?

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Can you walk us through what a typical week at Comic Vine is like? What is your favorite part of the job? The biggest challenge?

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Hey Guys,

In honor of Memorial Day this weekend I would like to ask you which comic book deaths affected you the most emotionally?

Awesome podcast, Keep up the great work!

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Hey guys,

I don't have a question but more of a coincidence/interesting fact to point out. Last weeks Wonder Woman, Red Hood, Catwoman, Supergirl, and Batwoman, all have the same Red and Green color palette scheme. Quite Bizarre to have them all release in the same week.

I'm an upcoming artist and I've been listening to the cast for a couple of months. I'm always looking forward to hearing them every week! Thanks!

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Are you comfortable reading comic books in public? Have you had any interesting encounters, either positive or negative, while reading comics in public?

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@G-Man: Am I right in thinking this is the 'Ask, and ye shall receive' thread? Been looking for it for a while :P

Simple question, are there any big meaty collections/volumes I need to buy? (particularly Deadpool?)

I love comics but for some reason own very few; the last two I bought being Old Man Logan, and Batman: Hush

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Hey CV got a couple of questions for you:

1. Where's Corey?

2. What are the chances that GI Joe could get Joseph Gordon Levitt to reprise his role as Cobra Commander now that the movie's being reshot?

3. For Memorial Day, what are your favorite war comics?

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Comics and characters have been evolving since their inception. The DC universe alone has had the Golden Age, Silver Age, and Bronze Age. Given all the recent changes, it seems off to call the more recent past that's been retconned "The Modern Age". Those events are no longer modern. Even if you don't agree it should be renamed yet, it will be someday soon. Superman of today is not the same character he was ten or even twenty years ago. What do you feel we should classify the recent past era, and do we just continue to call this New 52 world the Modern Era just because it's the one we are currently in?

Have a good Memorial Day, everyone; and keep working with that video software in your editing, Sara. You're doing good work, and I have faith you'll continue to improve.

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hej guys

I'm a big fan... maybe the biggest in germany^^ so i had to say sorry for my bad english ( i'm the only comment to your podcast in itunes germany , of course full stars) ... i love dc and now finally the new 52 stars in germany ( after 9 months^^ ), but we have to wait for scott snyder's "batman", no one knowes when it comes here. can you tell me which Marvel comics are the best to start... "Schism" starts next week here... maybe "x-force - the dark angel saga"???

thanks a lot

you're the best, love you

when you want to visit germany, i can show you hamburg, offer a bed and the famous "Currywurst"


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Aha, thanks :P

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HI Guys,

As I tweeted (tim_mik), I'm always behind on the Podcasts because I only go to my shop every 2 weeks. I hate spoilers, so I just wait until I have read those week's issues before I listen to your podcast and I think that might be a solution to the debate you had re: spoilers on the cast. If people don't want to be spoiled, they can just listen after they read the issues from the week. Keep up the great work and congrats on the new ads in DC comics.

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do u think the waynes were members of the court of owls sometime in the past. if not then why, since they are one gothams powerful families?

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Hey Tony and Sara. First I want to say thanks for keeping this site my favorite on the internet you guys rock! Norm, Corey and James you guys are cool too!

What is your guys opinion on motion comics? Ive seen some that are not that good or just decent. But Astonishing X-men Gifted I thought was really fun and a cool adaption and I recently watched the T'challa motion comic that was on BET and i thought it was excellent and a cool Black Panther story. Are you guys in support of it as a whole or think it takes away from the print medium. I for one think they are hit or miss.

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hope that my questions get answered on the podcast!

1. Sara and Tony: Have either of you ever dresssed up for Comic conventions? if so, Who did you dress as?

2. When do you think we will next see Bat-cow? will he/she carry on in batman inc. or will they completely forget about the very important member of the Bat-family?

3. What do you think of the possible issue 0s of the New 52 titles? How do you think they will handle stories that started completely in the first issues?

4. When do you think we will see Static again? would you like to see him in the Teen Titans or would you like him to team up with Icon and Rocket in a one-shot issue?

5. Do either of you play DC universe online? If you do, what type of character do you play as?

I'd understand if not all of my questions get answered as there are a lot of them.

P.S. Thankyou for all the great work you do and I love listening to the podcast!

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Hi guys! Are there any books in the new 52 you are currently reading in hopes that a favorite character will make an appearance? I am currently reading Teen Titans in hopes that Raven will eventually crossover to the new 52 era.

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Now that the final title of the "New 52's 2nd Wave" has finally hit the stands, if DC plans on a 3rd wave, which titles do you think will be canceled next, and what titles you would like to see take their places?

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What's up guys? Hopefully you guys are doing well. I recently got my hands on my own copy of Jonah Hex #50, drawn by Darwyn Cooke, and I loved it. I've loved Gray and Palmiotti's Jonah Hex run, through to the current All-Star Western, but I haven't read all of it before. Issue #50 is my favorite of their run, however. This is the issue with Hex hunting down 50 wanted men, and Tallulah Black makes an appearance. I loved this issue so much, part because Gray and Palmiotti are a great writting suo, but also because Darwyn Cooke is amazing. If you guys haven't read this issue yet, I highly highly recommend checking it out.

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If you could take the ASTONISHING X-MEN #51 wedding album variant cover to a convention and hire any artist you desired to fill in the blank portion. What marriage -- regardless of universe -- would you like to see, and who would the artist be? It doesn't have to be a real comic marriage, Just any pair you'd like enjoy seeing together.

No Caption Provided

I would also like to ask Sara for her thoughts on the Ame-Comi Wonder Woman design that was used in the recent comic's cover. I personally always liked that design for all it's Greek influences.

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Is there any chance that Earth-2 can become a home to pre-New 52 characters that have been replaced or not possible with the reboot? For example Ted Kord or children of couples that haven't happened in the reboot.

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That last question was mainly meant for James if it hasn't been recorded yet.
Can't edit cause on phone

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What do you think of the idea of Geen Arrow forming his own team for the third wave? I'm thinking Green Arrow, Black Canary, Plastic-Man, Nightwing, Guy Gardner, Steel and Argent. Other members I debated were Black Lightning, Hawkman, Firestorm and Bumblebee.

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Hello everyone,

1.Tony and Sara, What are the chances that you could one day do a special podcast with you two, James, Corey and possibly Norm? This would be a very entertaining podcast to listen to.

2. James, coming from a fellow Brit, what do you think of Stereo-typical British phrases used in America such as Cor Blimey, Bangers or spiffing?

3. James, Whatare the chances of seeing more young heroes in Earth 2 like Cassie Sandsmark, Bunker, Solstice, Roy Harper, Starfire or Bart Allen? I would love to see the Earth 2 versions of those characters because they are some of my favourites.

4. Everyone, what is the oldest comic you own? and what first appearances do you own?

5. It's my birthday on the 10th of June so could I please have a shout-out because a happy birthday from you guys would really make my day!

6. How did Damian and Bruce get Bat-cow back home? because it would be hard to fit him in the boot of the Batmobile.

7. Also, How do you think Alfred will react to having a cow around stately Wayne manor and do you think Damian's pet dog will get along with the new pet.

Thanks everyone, I love the podcast and I hope you carry on making them for a long time.

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I would love if you could ask Mr. James Robinson this for me:

So here to you, Mr. Robinson. I I feel like the relationship between Alan Scott and his boyfriend seems rushed. A common problem with gay characters is that they often start out with a boyfriend already like Hulkling and Wiccan, Midnighter and Apollo. I kinda want to know if Alan would have a relationship similar to Spiderman/Mary Jane or Superman/Lois where Alan Scott gets to know the person first before getting into a long time relationship. I discuss it with my groups of friends, and they also want to know how the relationship itself would be developed.

Optional question if Comicvine staffs have some extra time:

You stated that he won't be the only gay character. Can you give us any hint on who that person may be?

If you could ask my questions, I would really appreciate it, thanks so much. I'm in love with Earth Two already and can't wait to buy the next issue. :)

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Again thanks for everything, love you guys! Missed Sara last week, nice to have Corey - I love when he makes his joking comments and Tony just plays straight man like he's trying to stick to business. Glad to have James back this week - he's hilarious and great to hear from creators.

Question: Is there an explanation (besides 'its a comic') for how characters like Magneto and flash, who do not have invulnerability or super strength, can survive these battles with supervillians and heroes. For example Magneto being shot with the Mini-neutrino stars by the New hell-fire club and Flash ...anytime he hits someone when going Mach III [As for flash his bio on CV lists that his mass increases as he runs and Magneto has a suit that 'protects' him] Am i being too picky and should just suspend my disbelief and enjoy?

Question 2: Magneto again. If he really is the master of magnetism - shouldn't he be able to affect the magnetic bonds of atoms and such. im not a physics major so i may be way off, but couldn't he theoretically be able to destabilize the atoms of an opponent or break down matter? Or would this be his powers evolution if he became Omega Level

THANKS, Your podcasts make my walk so much fun and the website gets me through the work week :)

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Love the site and podcast! Keep up the good work.

My question: Is there a type of story that anytime you see or hear about it, you cringe a little? I personally hate any time superheroes lose their powers for any length of time. It's become so cliched and I don't find it interesting whatsoever.

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iZombie for me was the gateway into Mike and Laura Allred's beautiful work, so it's a series I hold very near and dear, not to mention that Chris Roberson has created great characters with pretty rich backstories, and fun too. How excited and/or sad are you, Tony, that the series is ending?

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Have you found being based in the SF Bay Area beneficial, limiting, or a non-issue when it comes to covering comics? If you had the choice to move to any other city, would you, and if so, which city would you pick and how do you foresee Comic Vine being different as a result?

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Hi Sara, Tony, Corey and James! First off I want to say that you guys are awesome, and are far and away my favorite comic book site/podcast. Sara, I love the news and you're doing a great job. Tony, your ask and recieve answers are excellent, and James I think you are doing a fantastic job with EARTH-2. Now on to my question: With the New 52 we saw an influx of really great superhero comics, but I think recently we've had a lot of really great, inventive, non-cape comics as well. I personally have been really loving Saga and The Manhattan Projects. What are some of your favorite newer(ish) non-superhero comics? Thanks a lot! And keep up all of the great work!

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I remember when I first started reading comics, I was overwhelmed by the amount of issues I had to collect to get a complete story-arc and felt that comics might be more accessible to out-siders if it didn't take so much time to research stories, find all the issues that connect to those stories across multiple titles, and maintain six months to a year of commitment to finish a story-arc that would normally take only an hour or two to read. So, do you think that comics should abandon the monthly issue format and print directly to TPB, similar to Mangas, in order to be more accessible to outsiders who might take an interest in comic books? Thanks! :)

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I have a question for James. First off, Earth 2 #2 was great. Nicolas Scott is putting out some of the best pages I've ever seen her do. Now, my question, the first part of issue 1, does that take place 5 years before the end of issue 1? I was confused for a bit because I don't think it was stated and in issue 2 Jay is talkin to Mercury while on page 3 it says it's the 5th anniversary of Batman and Robin's death. Anyway, can't wait for the next issue, and the next issue of The Shade. Fraser Irving's work is always amazing. Keep up the great work, sir.

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I'm pretty sure that James Robinson mentioned that Ted Grant was coming to Earth 2 soon. I was always a fan of Ted Grant in that he didn't really have any powers and he was just a tough older guy that could keep up with people like Green Lantern and the Flash. Because of the fact that Jay and Alan are now younger and have changed quite a bit, is there any significant changes to Ted Grant along those same lines?

Thanks. Love the series. Keep up the good work.

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Two questions.

  1. Have there been any recent comics that you've felt just had the "wrong" art for tone of the book, or the story that was being told? Personally Justice League Dark #9's art, while nice, simply felt too much like something I'd see on a normal superhero book, and as such, for me, it feels like the book's tone has drastically changed (a different writer doesn't help either).
  2. To counter that. Can you think of any times where the "wrong" art has actually added something to the book/story? For me Judge Dredd: The Pusher (written by Alan Grant, Art by Peter Doherty) was made better by Doherty's decision to give Mega-City One an almost clinically white look instead of the normal grim and gritty take. It ended up making the story about an insane professor who pushes people to their deaths to prove the theory of evolution a little more special.
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Not a question but you totally got me with the Walking Dead semi-spoiler. I was completely expecting the end of Glen. Glad I was wrong and it was indeed a great issue.

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Hi I'm a high school art teacher and a life long comic book geek. This September is the first time I'm doing a comic book history unit plan for my intro to art classes. The unit plan is filled with visuals and mini video clips, it hits on all major comics, story lines, and characters while also talking about the artistic angle of comic book art such as the evolution of word bubbles, panelling, and inking. I want to do an art project linked to the end of the unit plan that has to do with comic books but I don't want to do the stereotypical draw a comic strip or create a super hero project. I tested a project this year with my Advanced Placement Seniors where they had to combine a famous comic book character with a historical time period (for example Thor in the wild west) but it BOMBED and i'm never doing that project again! Do you guys have any cool art project idea's that you can think of that would be interesting for a class full of high school juniors?

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Do you think that Quentin Quire will one day lead the X-men?

Ridiculous, i know but, at least 3 times since Schism, he has specifically stated that he will - I know that he is just being full of himself, but usually when we hear a phrase again and again, there's a reason the writers included it. Also, when we see the Jean Grey Students' future against Apocalypse, it DOES seem that Quentin is now leading the team. The entire run of Wolverine and the XMen and Especially Alpha and Omega, seems to be showing his evolution from idiot to hero, and even Wolverine himself has basically said that Quentin is the new Wolverine of the Jean Grey School. Your thoughts?

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What are you guys expecting out of the new Ms Marvel Series? I have always found her to be interesting but I dont know much about her. I knew she had a series for a while and it was dropped. I hope to one day get it in trades, but I'm eagerly awaiting this new series. I really enjoyed her pratrayl in the Avengers Earths mightiest heroes. What say you guys?


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Hey guys love the podcast, you help make my work day go by much faster. With that said I am very new to collecting comics and just recently started getting into it around AvX1. I really like the new Batman,Earth 2, AvX and Scarlet Spider to name a few and was just wondering if there was anything I should read DC wise that ties in or connects with some of the new books? I really like Batman and the whole court of Owls story and Earth 2 is pretty awesome too but I feel like im missing something or should know something from the past before the reboot?Am I missing something or should I just go with it? Thanks guys and James is the man


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  1. What are your thoughts on publisher's exclusivity deals with certain digital-comic retailers? Not the issue of same or next day, but is it wise to make it so you can't buy certain titles from some sites when they're trying to reach as many people as possible? Just to cite an example, I've checked out the DC Digital Comics Sneak Peek (which had 84 pages of various DC titles) on my Kindle Fire through Comixology, but I can't buy a single BAT title comic to read. I can find most titles from many other publishers.
  2. I was watching some of the backlog of the Whiskey Media Happy Hour. I saw that on December 3rd 2010 that Ryan Davis made a bet with Tony and Sara that within the year there would be a SPIDER-MAN THE MUSICAL reference somewhere in the SPIDER-MAN comic story. If that never happened, Ryan owes you $65.00 each. If it did, disregard this statement as if it never happened.
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I saw a few weeks ago on ask & ye shall receive that Tony had an Alkaline trio guitar behind him. They are one of my favorite bands. I was just kind of music you guys enojy, what some of you favorite bands are and what was one of the coolest concerts you've seen.