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With Tony, Mat and Tom in Chicago for C2E2, and a full day for Norm and I, we decided that it would be best to put the podcast on hold until Monday this week. However, if you are a subscriber, then you should know that tonight's HAPPY HOUR LIVE SHOW will go on! Sorry for any inconvenience in regards to the podcast this week, but we thought it best to wait until everyone was available for the conversation. Thanks, everyone! 

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To which I say:

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Awwh, you should have made this podcast a Babs and Norms Rants podcast and you could rant about things that piss you off about comics! I read listened to some older podcasts from like when you guys first started lol, and I feel your guys rants about things that pissed you off all the way back then, would be like 10 times more ranty today! Very therapeutic.

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We should all find pictures of Namor & Batman to cheer Sara up :) 

Batman: Streets Of Gotham #13
Batman: Streets Of Gotham #13
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@xerox-kitty: Awww :D
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I'm flying back to SF on Monday so I won't be there.

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Monday's done and no podcast? Aw. :( Are you waiting for Tony to be back or are you guys just skipping it all together?