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This morning we will have special guest, artist Dennis Calero live on the Comic Vine Ustream podcast. We go live at 10:45! We hope that you will join us in our morning discussion and feel free to ask us questions. The live chat will be embedded below in addition to the chat box. It's Friday! Let's party! 

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I hope this is where we can ask questions. 
Here goes, hey guys, how do you feel about Harry Potter being on Guardians of the Globe?
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Watching now!

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@Moomin123: I think that was a joke.
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This was so awesome! It was my first time being on the podcast and getting to chat with everyone from Comicvine and i had a really good time. Great Podcast :D
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so much hair talk this week

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Great Podcast. First time and It was great, interacting with everyone. And i liked all the hair tips, now i can have nice beautiful hair. LOL

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So I kind of saved the chat that goes on during the stream. Only, for some reason all the best hair tips from Dennis Calero went missing, so it's not as exciting/helpful to hair novices as it should be. Also there's gaps because I had to go and peel some potatoes for my potato gratin that I was simultaneously making. So next week I'm going to try to get all of it, but here's what I got for posterity:

Behind a spoiler to save space because these people are chatty.
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@mimschkin said:
"So I kind of saved the chat that goes on during the stream. Only, for some reason all the best hair tips from Dennis Calero went missing, so it's not as exciting/helpful to hair novices as it should be. Also there's gaps because I had to go and peel some potatoes for my potato gratin that I was simultaneously making. So next week I'm going to try to get all of it, but here's what I got for posterity:
 8:50 GManFromHeck: Think he just answered the contract question. doing something for Dark Horse
8:51 sora_thekey: Tom had to go play Joker in the new Batman movie
8:51 sora_thekey: yeah.... thanks tony
8:51 LFCMANIA: :) :)
8:51 couzinit99-1: wait did Dennis say he writes and draws something?
8:51 sora_thekey: artist
8:51 LFCMANIA: did u guys see the release of the flash variant cover ?
8:51 couzinit99-1: no
8:51 LFCMANIA: its awesome
8:52 levack: Tom via Transmetro#1?
5:52 sora_thekey: TV show!!!!
5:52 sora_thekey: awww
5:52 couzinit99-1: Oooo a tvshow!
5:52 couzinit99-1: lol
5:52 sora_thekey: another heroes tv show?
5:52 mimschkin: Did this start early? It's like an hour earlier
5:52 LFCMANIA: started 10 mins ago nearly
5:52 levack: lol Mims... there was a memo
5:52 sora_thekey: @mim: It started at 10:45
5:52 levack: we were trying to leave you out
5:52 inferiorego: word
5:53 couzinit99-1: lmao Gman
5:53 sora_thekey: both!
5:53 mimschkin: I've been out all day, I only just turned on the computer :(
5:53 couzinit99-1: u ddnt miss much Mims lol
5:53 sora_thekey: I loved Babs reaction
5:53 couzinit99-1: lmao Babs
5:53 mimschkin: I read that the Hair Lord Dennis Calero would be on and nearly fainted
5:53 inferiorego: let's try this again...
5:53 levack: Lol mims
5:53 sora_thekey: comic books are the begining media
5:53 levack: and he has yet to talk about his hair
5:53 levack: or give any tips
5:54 mimschkin: PHEW
5:54 sora_thekey: talk hair!
5:54 couzinit99-1: lmao Babs
5:54 sora_thekey: is dennis watching?
5:54 levack: dennis and babs should have dueling hair!
5:54 couzinit99-1: lmao
5:54 mimschkin: Iagree
5:54 sora_thekey: LOL!
5:54 LFCMANIA: u liking the deadpool main series at the moment ?
5:54 sora_thekey: nope!
5:54 levack: battle of the quaffs
5:54 LFCMANIA: i thought issue 19 was a great issue with the introduction of spidey
5:55 LFCMANIA: and 20 wasnt so bad either
5:55 sora_thekey: I consider comics as media.... because that's where you start
5:55 levack: heck, even Babs sidekick could get in on that
5:55 inferiorego: mixed media
5:55 sora_thekey: Ana!
5:55 sora_thekey: right?
5:55 sora_thekey: or who's there?
5:55 LFCMANIA: merc with a mouth series is awesome !...the prelude of deadpool corps are just so funny
5:55 couzinit99-1: im not a deadpool fan really
5:55 sora_thekey: the prelude seemed cool!
5:55 levack: i really liked issue 1.  I havent read any others
5:56 couzinit99-1: i cant stand that he has his own section in the Marvel Previews . . .  just saying haha
5:56 levack: issue 1 of this current deadpool series started with Secret Invasion yes?
5:56 sora_thekey: 2 is awesome because of widdle wade
5:56 inferiorego: @levack: yes
5:56 levack: lol couzin, deadpools really big with comic book store counter guys
5:56 LFCMANIA: lady gaga = oh dear
5:56 sora_thekey: aaaand Lady gaga lug by babs
5:56 sora_thekey: *plug
5:57 couzinit99-1: Rha Rha O La La lmao :P
5:57 jloneblackheart: can I not escape Lady GaGa anywhere?
5:57 OmegaRayJay: nope
5:57 levack: Lol Jlone
5:57 couzinit99-1: No!
5:57 levack: they all go away eventually
5:57 couzinit99-1: Gaga be everywhere! lmao
5:57 sora_thekey: static
5:57 sora_thekey: going through a tunnel
5:57 OmegaRayJay: Lets dance Woo!
5:57 sora_thekey: dancing now!
5:57 OmegaRayJay: lol
5:57 levack: lol going through a tunnel
5:57 damswedon: you know i would like to last one day without a lady gaga reference.
5:57 couzinit99-1: lol
5:57 sora_thekey: sorry it's imposible
5:57 mimschkin: Actually it's 'rah rah ah-ah-ah-ah, ruh mah ruh-mah-mah, Ga-Ga oh la-laa...'
5:57 levack: Dams, I now have a purpose in life
5:57 couzinit99-1: not going to happen Dams lol
5:57 OmegaRayJay: her music is dire
5:57 LFCMANIA: gman - are you following batman widening gyre by any chance...
5:58 Fleonix: This is the age of  GAGA
5:58 levack: to interject Lady Ga Ga into your existence at least once a day
5:58 jloneblackheart: how about this reference: she look like Marilyn Manson, just not as pretty
5:58 LFCMANIA: i like it i think art is so good
5:58 sora_thekey: LOL! @mim
5:58 levack: Jlone, I know
5:58 mimschkin: (I'm a big fan)
5:58 Fleonix: well the atleast the year
5:58 couzinit99-1: lmao Jlone thats so meannnn lmao
5:58 levack: someone actually said "I dont see how she looked like marilyn manson"
5:58 sora_thekey: realistic?
5:58 sora_thekey: what does that mean?
5:58 levack: that was my first impression
5:58 TomPinchuk: Have they asked him about "Against All Common Sense" yet?
5:58 levack: Hey
5:58 LFCMANIA: gman - are you following batman widening gyre by any chance...?
5:58 sora_thekey: Hi @tom
5:58 couzinit99-1: LMAO Dennis
5:58 levack: How much wood can a pinchuk chuck?
5:58 TomPinchuk: Yeah
5:58 sora_thekey: she is 25
5:58 OmegaRayJay: I say Babs is about 21
5:58 levack: if a pinchuk could chuck would
5:59 OmegaRayJay: (do i get any points for that?)
5:59 TomPinchuk: like I haven't heard that since kindy garden
5:59 levack: LOL
5:59 couzinit99-1: i was gonna guess 22 lol
5:59 LFCMANIA: i think shes 19 :)
5:59 levack:  Tom I asked where you were, they said you were chopping wood on a mountain
5:59 LFCMANIA: haha
5:59 inferiorego: i know the age... mwahahaha, i'll never reveal the secrets
5:59 denniscalero: hi guys
5:59 TomPinchuk: I was
5:59 levack: lol
5:59 couzinit99-1: hi Tom haha.
5:59 sora_thekey: Where again?
5:59 TomPinchuk: Dennis is chatting and talking
5:59 levack: then it was relevant ;P
5:59 levack: Dennis, blue tooth?
5:59 sora_thekey: as in stand up comedy?
6:00 sora_thekey: oh yeah!
6:00 sora_thekey: ask IE!
6:00 TomPinchuk: Scott Loebdell was/is a stand up too
6:00 levack: huh
6:00 inferiorego: what did i do?
6:00 levack: I wonder how that goes
6:00 LFCMANIA: why isnt the widening gyre series not popular
6:00 sora_thekey: so new rule... to be in comics you need to be a stand up comic
6:00 TomPinchuk: He was buddies with Drew Carey
6:00 aboynamedart09: hi everyone
6:00 LFCMANIA: i rather like it
6:00 couzinit99-1: lmao
6:00 levack: does he explain everything before he tells the joke?
6:00 levack: ba dum
6:00 couzinit99-1: well im done. . . cuz im not funny what so ever
6:01 sora_thekey: I tyr
6:01 sora_thekey: try
6:01 TomPinchuk: Dennis needs to talk about his AGAINST THE ODDS cover
6:01 couzinit99-1: lol
6:01 levack: uh oh, more camera troubles?
6:01 mimschkin: Dennis needs to talk about his hair
6:01 couzinit99-1: no...
6:01 levack: LOL mims
6:01 OmegaRayJay: for england
6:01 OmegaRayJay: *or
6:01 LFCMANIA: :)
6:01 aboynamedart09: he's saying, work the circuit
6:01 inferiorego: dissing canda? sadness
6:01 mimschkin: His hair obsession is contagious.
6:02 inferiorego: *canada
6:02 aboynamedart09: btw, gang, have we talked about Dark Avengers?
6:02 OmegaRayJay: lol
6:02 levack: LOL
6:02 sora_thekey: hairhairhairhairhairhairhairhairhairhairhairhairhairhairhairhairhair
6:02 mimschkin: :O
6:02 damswedon: if your american and a failed comedian come to the uk.
6:02 couzinit99-1: lolol sora

6:45 TomPinchuk-1: check to see if Stephanie Brown has split ends
6:45 TomPinchuk-1: then you can tell how screwed up she is
6:45 levack: is this like the O Reily factor where they now talk <censored> about the guest for an hour after the interview?
6:45 couzinit99-1: i like Stephanie though lol
6:45 inferiorego: Stephanie Brown bored me
6:45 denniscalero: was tim drake boy crazy?
6:45 levack: ;P
6:45 Sander_T: Robin... Step away from the dye... walk away slowly...
6:45 inferiorego: *bores
6:45 couzinit99-1: AWE CMON BABS! i like the book haha
6:45 damswedon: because steph is human
6:45 sora_thekey: @ Tony: Did you read X-Men Second Coming Free-bie?
6:45 thebenzo: I miss cassandra cain :(
6:45 aboynamedart09: I was pro-Cassie
6:45 inferiorego: @benzo me too
6:46 aboynamedart09: Here's to hoping Cassie shows up in the new Birds of Prey
6:46 couzinit99-1: I'm PRO-Casie and PRO-Stephanie
6:46 levack: Bane was Mexican wasnt he?
6:46 Dawnell_do: I miss Cassandra.
6:46 aboynamedart09: he was South American
6:46 couzinit99-1: Cassie*
6:46 inferiorego: @levack: south american
6:46 aboynamedart09: not specifically Mexico, I don't think
6:46 Sander_T: Didn't spider woman have black hair and with her alter ego having red/orange hair?
6:46 levack: that sounds right
6:46 sora_thekey: @Tony: I think Kitty Pryde dies on the next issue based on that issue... talk about that
6:46 sector2813: i thought he was brazillian
6:46 damswedon: i don't think a single DC hero/villian is a human
6:46 mimschkin: I thought in Origin she has dark blonde hair?
6:46 sora_thekey: on the 2nd coming free issue
6:46 levack: Dr Light
6:47 aboynamedart09: they're all Skrulls!
6:47 sector2813: lol
6:47 sora_thekey: Wolverine says he killed his friend and is all mad at a camera
6:47 sector2813: better when she couldn;t talk
6:47 Dawnell_do: She lost it and got it back later on.
6:48 levack: Anyone here around during the old days of the MARVEL chat via AOL?
6:48 levack: man those were the days
6:48 zombielunch: YES
6:48 zombielunch: marvel sim chat?
6:48 thebenzo: I have a bad feeling that nightcrawler might die during second coming...
6:48 sora_thekey: sim chat?
6:48 levack: I was royalty then
6:48 levack: lol
6:48 denniscalero: sara doesnt understand or approve of my Against All Odds promotion.  it just blew her mind
6:48 zombielunch: what was your sn? levack?
6:48 levack: LOL dennis
6:48 levack: careful
6:48 aboynamedart09: that was my guess too, benzo
6:48 levack: she's south american, she'll take a swing
6:48 sora_thekey: @dennis: us Ustream-ers are right behind you!
6:49 sora_thekey: support!
6:49 couzinit99-1: do u think that they'll ever go easy with Crossovers GMan or Babs??????
6:49 levack: I bet Sora cries and goes into a fetal position when she punches him
6:49 levack: bets anyone?
6:49 levack: lol
6:49 sora_thekey: me? who punches me?
6:49 inferiorego: @levack $20 on sora
6:49 damswedon: no, they won't
6:49 levack: Solidarity Sora!
6:49 sora_thekey: ok thanks... I guess
6:49 couzinit99-1: i like Teen Anxt. . . well cuz i'm a TEEN lol :P
6:50 sora_thekey: it's achick flick for comics
6:50 levack: sora what is?
6:50 thebenzo: what do you guys think about the original shadowhak being resurrected??
6:50 sora_thekey: the teen stories
6:50 sector2813: will Huntress get her own book?
6:50 sora_thekey: they are chik flicks on comics
6:50 damswedon: also i want to see an Azumanga Daioh styled X-Men story
6:50 levack: I didnt know the original shadowhawk died
6:50 damswedon: just mutants trying to live a year
6:50 inferiorego: When Didio talks, it's like he's punching you in the ears with his words
6:50 levack: I always avoided image stuff before they did creator owned
6:50 levack: LOL infer
6:50 levack: nice!
6:51 levack: I feel the same way about Quesada
6:51 levack: I even mock Quesada in a comic we did
6:51 sora_thekey: I don't want to talk to Didio now!
6:51 levack: A big fat fan boy
6:51 couzinit99-1: O I see.
6:51 inferiorego: @levack: Joe Q isn't AS scary
6:51 OmegaRayJay: lol
6:51 sora_thekey: Actually Quesada is waay nicer
6:51 mimschkin: I've never heard either but Joe Q's twitter was dire
6:51 sora_thekey: I've talked to him
6:51 levack: scary?  I just meant obnoxious
6:51 sora_thekey: he's really cool!

6:53 levack: wow, was that a hard sell on an improbably scenario
6:53 aboynamedart09: Oh, I remember that!
6:53 aboynamedart09: Kristoff, right?
6:53 levack: "and we all believe we are doom... when we are not around each other"
6:53 aboynamedart09: can you imagine the roll call at that meeting?
6:53 levack: "but when we are around other doom bots, we remember we are doom bots"
6:54 sora_thekey: I always hated batman in the cartoons for some reason... now I realized how wrong I was
6:54 aboynamedart09: "Doom ... Doom ... Doom ..."
6:54 levack: "and that is how I can tell you that all now, kristoff"
6:54 levack: LOL
6:54 damswedon: i would rather have trades.
6:54 jloneblackheart: levack: do you know what issue that was? or at least the series?
6:54 sora_thekey: Yay Marvel!
6:54 thebenzo: kraven's coming back in asm soon.....
6:54 levack: Jlone yeah
6:54 levack: give me a sec
6:54 couzinit99-1: Im a more DC Fan
6:54 sora_thekey: @thebenzo; not excited about that
6:54 inferiorego: @dam: I'm slowly rebuying a lot of my favorites in trade now
6:54 Sander_T: I like The Animated Seriers of Batman.. best directed cartoon ever..
6:54 sora_thekey: @IE mee too!
6:54 sora_thekey: The double "e" was on purpose BTW
6:55 inferiorego: I'm rebuying Y: The Last Man now
6:55 OmegaRayJay: I liked Web of shadows
6:55 sora_thekey: now I feel like I should be correcting everything I type
6:55 aboynamedart09: In the Spider-Man video game, you can unlock Mephisto and trade all your points in for a do-over
6:55 sora_thekey: Web of Shadows was awesome...
6:55 couzinit99-1: lmao you should Sora lol
6:55 Sander_T: :) Okay.. get someone in here from Giantbomb.. Web of Shadows
6:55 levack: sora dont worry about it
6:55 Sander_T: looked cool :)
6:55 inferiorego: @sora: I'm done with the "grammar police" jazz.
6:55 sora_thekey: thank you!
6:55 sora_thekey: phew
6:55 inferiorego: no, thank you!
6:55 couzinit99-1: us Teens are stuck in our Lingo its ok Sora haha
6:56 OmegaRayJay: * Doctor Who game coming to the Wii to *
6:56 sora_thekey: thanks
6:56 damswedon: Call of Duty: Spiderman
6:56 thebenzo: I loved spiderman: web of shadows it was such a great game :D
6:56 inferiorego: @Omega: WHAT?!
6:56 OmegaRayJay: Yep yep
6:56 aboynamedart09: how 'bout Dark Avengers and Sentry's wife getting put in the fridge?
6:56 inferiorego: The fanboy part of me is now taking over
6:56 OmegaRayJay: lol
6:56 aboynamedart09: Grand Theft Aunt May
6:56 sora_thekey: fanboy is more fun than grammar police
6:56 couzinit99-1: lol agreed Sora
6:56 riezner: Call of Duty: Captain America...that would be AMAZING
6:57 inferiorego: @sora: Yeah, but then you're only going see me write about Doctor Who
6:57 thebenzo: thank god bruce's coming back! :)
6:57 sora_thekey: Spider-Man: Underground
6:57 inferiorego: @riezner: quote of the day sir
6:57 Sander_T: Is it me, or are the writers and artists becoming more important than the comics itself?
6:57 riezner: :)
6:57 couzinit99-1: it seems like everyeone's coming back all at once haha
6:57 riezner: Who's goin to SDCC?
6:57 aboynamedart09: yeah, what a bright day that will be
6:57 sora_thekey: yeah... like that return in Siege I haven't read
6:57 inferiorego: Me!
6:57 aboynamedart09: I'm going
6:57 sora_thekey: I am going to SDCC
6:57 riezner: yeah I know you are man :)
6:57 inferiorego: lol
6:57 riezner: nice guys!
6:57 couzinit99-1: wait what return in Siege Sora?
6:57 couzinit99-1: or is that a SPOILER?
6:57 aboynamedart09: dude! CV meet-up and group pedicures with Dennis!
6:58 sora_thekey: Siege 3 someone returns
6:58 thebenzo: i might be .... lol
6:58 sora_thekey: but I havent read it
6:58 riezner: .....yes?
6:58 riezner: ha
6:58 inferiorego: @aboy: maybe Dennis can help my thinning hair
6:58 couzinit99-1: o. . . i dont remeber who when i read it. . . lol
6:58 sora_thekey: Yeah CV meet up! I'm all for it!
6:58 riezner: lets do it
6:58 couzinit99-1: i guess totally in one ear and out the other lmao
6:58 aboynamedart09: Batman has to go back and be Adam West again
6:58 aboynamedart09: NOOOOOOOOO!
6:58 sora_thekey: @Tony & Sara: we are organizing a meet & greet!
6:58 aboynamedart09: Batman has to go to the prom and get his parents to met
6:58 aboynamedart09: meet
6:59 Sander_T: Is it me or is sara uncountiously touching her hair more now?
6:59 inferiorego: @aboy: Batman to the future?
6:59 aboynamedart09: hahaha
6:59 sora_thekey: @riezner: picture time
6:59 riezner: totally
6:59 aboynamedart09: @inferior - is that not money?
6:59 damswedon: im organising a meet up...
6:59 sora_thekey: so you're going?
6:59 inferiorego: @aboy: I'd see it three times
6:59 riezner: yessir
6:59 damswedon: <URL removed> my pants
6:59 couzinit99-1: SAY IT GMan!
6:59 couzinit99-1: lol
6:59 sora_thekey: cool!
6:59 riezner: VERY cool
6:59 sora_thekey: and we need to get dennis to come
6:59 aboynamedart09: with six artists, the dang thing might just ship on time for a change
6:59 levack: Fantastic Four #263  
6:59 riezner: I believe he'll be there
6:59 levack: check out marvel digital comics, its the first few pages, and it should be in the free portion
6:59 sora_thekey: yeah but I mean for the picture
6:59 jloneblackheart: @levack: you're awesome. Thanks!
7:00 aboynamedart09: we should get Dennis to sing Beauty School Dropout at karaoke
7:00 riezner: Oh, yeah for sure
7:00 sora_thekey: Days Missing is amazing!
7:00 sora_thekey: I loved that!
7:00 jloneblackheart: I subscribe to Marvel digital so I'll find it
7:00 denniscalero: aboy, i dont do girl songs
7:00 inferiorego: @Sora: I liked it, but I couldn't get through it
7:00 levack: lol Jlone, I was dating a gal, and shes like "I have two comic books, and I dont know why, I dont read this, Fantastic Four #263   and some x men book"
7:00 denniscalero: i do manly songs about man stuff
7:00 levack: and of course, FF 263 is <censored>
7:00 aboynamedart09: that's Frankie Valle, man!
7:00 sora_thekey: @IE: Why?
7:00 levack: so it didnt help me when I told her Im in comics
7:00 aboynamedart09: "December 1963" himself!
7:00 levack: Dennis, like barbershop songs?
7:00 inferiorego: @levack: If you ever date a girl who owns F4: 292... marry her, she's a keeper
7:01 inferiorego: @sora: Couldn't tell ya, I just lost interest.
7:01 levack: LOL infer
7:01 levack: it probably belongs to her brother
7:01 levack: :p
7:01 sora_thekey: but it was awesome!
7:01 sora_thekey: I need a TP
7:01 inferiorego: @leveack: It's the best f4 cover of all time
7:01 aboynamedart09: the big twist in Bruce Wayne's return: he regenerates and becomes Matt Smith.
7:01 levack: what number again?
7:01 Fleonix: listen to sara
7:01 inferiorego: 292
7:01 sora_thekey: listen!
7:02 levack: ROFL
7:02 sora_thekey: He's leaving clues to how to save him!
7:02 levack: Infer, I had a hitler mustache last week
7:02 sector2813: he'll end up in a lazarus pit to get his body back
7:02 aboynamedart09: I'm tellin ya, if I see "BAD WOLF" written anywhere, I'm bailing.
7:02 levack: I was shaving, and I thought "you know, he really ruined this for people
7:02 levack: "
7:02 inferiorego: BACK TO THE FUTURE!
7:02 sora_thekey: Woooh!
7:02 couzinit99-1: i love Back To the Future!
7:02 couzinit99-1: lol
7:02 sora_thekey: @Sara: Why do you keep toucching your hair?
7:03 sora_thekey: LOL!
7:03 Sander_T: Einstein: "Relativity Theory" ... Sara:"Yeah, I don't like it that much"
7:03 couzinit99-1: lmao Sora
7:03 moomin123-1: Great Scott
7:03 inferiorego: I'm still pissed that Marty left his girlfriend on that porch in that alt. universe and he came back, changed everything and she was still there
7:03 damswedon: i prefer the Bill and Ted timetravel
7:03 levack: lol sander
7:03 inferiorego: b.s.
7:03 sora_thekey: I was scared with that movie about the time machine
7:03 aboynamedart09: Bruce will return to the present by generating 1.21 JIGABATS!
7:03 OmegaRayJay: Back to the future is Awesome
7:03 denniscalero: unless time exists in pockets
7:03 sora_thekey: when I was younger
7:03 moomin123-1: Hey G-Man, I've seen the Back to the Future car! and the time-travelling train!
7:03 couzinit99-1: lol
7:03 sector2813: parallel realities
7:03 aboynamedart09: suggested alternate title for The Return of Bruce Wayne
7:03 sora_thekey: Actually the change in the past happened already
7:03 aboynamedart09: Lazarus Pit Time Machine
7:03 Sander_T: Timeline
7:03 damswedon: Timecop?
7:04 sora_thekey: The Time Machine
7:04 Sander_T: Nicolas Cage?
7:04 inferiorego: That Napoleon time traveling film?
7:04 couzinit99-1: no offense to Girlies lmao
7:04 aboynamedart09: Bruce & Ted's Excellent Adventure?
7:04 sector2813: the one
7:04 sora_thekey: that movie made all the people I went with cry... and I wondered why I didn't
7:04 aboynamedart09: it was that bad?
7:04 inferiorego: Time Travelers Wife was actually not that bad
7:04 sora_thekey: cry in a good way
7:04 levack: my favorite hitler photo ever, delete the space in the Html
7:05 denniscalero: I LOVE THAT MOVIE
7:05 levack: <URL removed>
7:05 Sander_T: What?
7:05 sora_thekey: Oh that movie is awesome
7:05 denniscalero: I LOVE THAT MOVIE TO PEICES
7:05 damswedon: it's not awful
7:05 denniscalero: and she was banging her own grandson
7:05 moomin123-1: Hiro Nakamura, the worst time-traveller ever! I love Heroes, I hate Hiros.
7:05 couzinit99-1: lmao Spoiler Babs i so havent seen this movie! jkjk :P
7:05 mimschkin: Urgh, did I miss a lot? I had to go and peel some potatoes
7:05 sora_thekey: Oh oh!
7:05 Sander_T: Kate & Leopold... watch Just Visiting... with Christina Applegate.. much funier..
7:05 sora_thekey: I just bought Ponyo
7:05 denniscalero: that movie has a great sting song
7:05 sora_thekey: I watched it yesterday
7:05 levack: lol Kate and leopold
7:05 levack: oy
7:05 inferiorego: @Sander: Kate and Leopold... that's the film
7:05 sora_thekey: Ponyo
7:06 aboynamedart09: did you get the thing I sentcha?
7:06 damswedon: You need a Time AND SPACE travel machine
7:06 levack: aw teenagers just walked by, how free and lively they are
7:06 OmegaRayJay: TARDIS for the win
7:06 aboynamedart09: a BATARDIS
7:06 Sander_T: I know.. Just Visting is also a film.. better if I may add...
7:06 sora_thekey: what article?
7:06 moomin123-1: POPPITY POP POP POP!!!!!!!!!!
7:06 mimschkin: LADY GAGA!
7:06 couzinit99-1: O NO LADY GAGA AGAIN!
7:06 damswedon: a man
7:06 couzinit99-1: lmo
7:06 sora_thekey: OH!
7:06 couzinit99-1: lmao
7:06 sora_thekey: no!
7:06 aboynamedart09: so, Lady Gaga works for Tony Stark?
7:06 sora_thekey: awwww
7:06 OmegaRayJay: lol
7:06 sora_thekey: no!
7:06 inferiorego: this...sounds...hilarious already
7:06 sora_thekey: that's weird
7:06 OmegaRayJay: shes a Secret Avenger!
7:06 levack: lol ladygaga IS stony stark
7:06 Fleonix: Illuminati.......lady gaga
7:06 mimschkin: :O
7:06 Fleonix: loll
7:06 damswedon: holy $%^&
7:06 GManFromHeck: Lady Blah Blah
7:06 levack: her secret isnt alcoholism
7:06 mimschkin: I thought Gaga was Emma Frost
7:06 couzinit99-1: HAHA Gman
7:07 aboynamedart09: that explains Pepper' Potts' armor
7:07 sora_thekey: it's like the whole rumor on how she had a Spider pipi
7:07 aboynamedart09: how do you get boobs on armor?
7:07 sora_thekey: Tony is laughing
7:07 levack: Aboy, a talented arc welder
7:07 inferiorego: @aboy: if you believe hard enough... anything is possible
7:07 mimschkin: Exposition explosion
7:07 couzinit99-1: lmao sora
7:07 aboynamedart09: Lady Gaga=Skrull
7:07 Sander_T: I think the Dan Brown books are poorly drawn... :)
7:07 aboynamedart09: Skrull Cylon
7:07 moomin123-1: The Lost Symbol should be a film. Da Vinci Code is all true.
7:07 levack: Lolart
7:07 OmegaRayJay: @inferio: I dont see MJ on my bed.
7:07 sora_thekey: Skrull does make sense
7:07 OmegaRayJay: and i belive
7:08 sora_thekey: not enough
7:08 aboynamedart09: Icon
7:08 damswedon: New Cylon or Old Cylon?
7:08 inferiorego: icon
7:08 levack: have a good day all
7:08 sora_thekey: Icon
7:08 aboynamedart09: Marvel=Freemason Comics
7:08 couzinit99-1: lmao
7:08 couzinit99-1: HIGH FIVE BABS!
7:08 sora_thekey: The $1
7:08 denniscalero: and now we will have to kill Babs
7:08 aboynamedart09: she knows too much
7:08 mimschkin: Poor babs
7:08 sora_thekey: @dennis: Yes!
7:08 sora_thekey: and you can keep her hair
7:08 mimschkin: No need to sound so enthusiastic sora...
7:08 couzinit99-1: lmao sora
7:08 sora_thekey: sorry
7:08 aboynamedart09: <-- backing away from sora
7:09 sora_thekey: Im back
7:09 sora_thekey: red eyes aregone
7:09 sora_thekey: horns and tails left
7:09 mimschkin: Did you take your multiple personality suppressants
7:09 mimschkin: ?
7:09 sora_thekey: brb
7:09 Fleonix: I want the article too
7:09 sora_thekey: @mim: yes
7:09 OmegaRayJay: hope he does
7:09 aboynamedart09: please
7:09 mimschkin: sounds promising
7:09 sora_thekey: LOL!
7:09 aboynamedart09: Norton would sell his kids for Rounders 2
7:09 inferiorego: no American History X 2?
7:09 damswedon: i want me a Increadable Hulk 2
7:10 mimschkin: I want Fight Ckub 2
7:10 sora_thekey: I love how on the chat I am being the point of ridicule!
7:10 mimschkin: *Club
7:10 damswedon: Eff Captin america
7:10 mimschkin: Not ridicule, mutual entertainment
7:10 OmegaRayJay: ah Secret Wars hulk
7:10 aboynamedart09: I'd like to see Norton in a Honeymooners remake
7:10 sora_thekey: that would be weird
7:10 moomin123-1: Hulk needs to be in Avengers but not as a baddie.
7:10 aboynamedart09: Yes! More Hawkman beer gut!
7:10 inferiorego: come on jay garrick!
7:10 sora_thekey: Smallville is awesome
7:10 mimschkin: Urgh Smallville
7:10 sora_thekey: THIS season
7:10 couzinit99-1: ehhh Sora
7:10 damswedon: is the JSA the same as the JLA?
7:10 aboynamedart09: Smallville is the Silver Age meets Gilmore Girls
7:10 couzinit99-1: Smallville is OK
7:10 couzinit99-1: lol
7:10 sora_thekey: has been awesome
7:11 aboynamedart09: dams, the JSA is older
7:11 mimschkin: I HATE Gilmore Girls
7:11 sora_thekey: and lois is hot
7:11 inferiorego: @dam: no... JSA is the old timers
7:11 thebenzo: power girl FTW! lol!
7:11 inferiorego: and came before the JLA
7:11 sora_thekey: @mim: no! I want to marry Rory from Gilmore Girls
7:11 aboynamedart09: great balls on fire!
7:11 OmegaRayJay: Yikes
7:11 mimschkin: No. just no.
7:11 OmegaRayJay: lol
7:11 sora_thekey: @mim: why?
7:11 OmegaRayJay: Ewwwwwwwww
7:11 sora_thekey: BTW I've onlyn seen one season
7:11 couzinit99: LMAO
7:11 aboynamedart09: Circumcision by fire. awesome.
7:11 mimschkin: They're infuriating. Everyone speaks at a million miles an hour, about references no one gets
7:11 OmegaRayJay: LOL
7:12 couzinit99: that was on Chelsea Lately
7:12 sora_thekey: LOL @dart
7:12 sora_thekey: Why not?
7:12 damswedon: wait word pictures?
7:12 sora_thekey: Oh she should play both!
7:12 inferiorego: I will play Peggy
7:12 couzinit99: lmao
7:12 aboynamedart09: the Cap casting thing has gotten weird
7:12 sora_thekey: like how her aunt looks like her to sharon
7:13 aboynamedart09: if it's between Channing Tatum and Ryan Phillippe ... I'd call John Krasinski back.
7:13 mimschkin: There's a burger bar in my town called Captain America's Hamburger Heaven
7:13 inferiorego: I'd take Ryan Phillippe
7:13 sora_thekey: I don't like Channing Tatum
7:13 aboynamedart09: Channing Tatum couldn't even play a cartoon character.
7:13 sora_thekey: he's weird
7:13 sora_thekey: thank you@dart
7:13 aboynamedart09: Sandman? ECW! ECW! ECW!
7:13 inferiorego: No Sandman for that guy...
7:13 sora_thekey: mmmmm??
7:13 Fleonix: anything on walking dead tv series.
7:13 sora_thekey: DC sandman right?
7:14 mimschkin: Yes
7:14 sora_thekey: ok!
7:14 couzinit99: yes
7:14 mimschkin: lol
7:14 denniscalero: sandman would be an amazing series
7:14 aboynamedart09: hell with Sandman
7:14 aboynamedart09: can we get a Death series?
7:14 inferiorego: The director of Kick Ass should do films like "Epic Movie" and "dance Movie"
7:14 sora_thekey: cause flint marko doesn't fit
7:14 mimschkin: Those films make me so mad
7:14 denniscalero: awful
7:14 sora_thekey: yeah that would be good...
7:14 mimschkin: They're worse than Tom's jacket
7:14 sora_thekey: it worked on the Alice mini series
7:14 sora_thekey: and Tin Man
7:14 aboynamedart09: Alice wasn't good, but Tin Man worked
7:14 OmegaRayJay: LOL
7:14 aboynamedart09: Felicia Day as Red is going to be epic
7:15 couzinit99: lmao Babs
7:15 sora_thekey: I just bought Alice
7:15 sora_thekey: last week
7:15 inferiorego: "cawfee"
7:15 sora_thekey: @IE; LOL
7:15 sora_thekey: oh!
7:15 couzinit99: Ok is that real or fake GMan!?
7:15 sora_thekey: Obama!
7:15 OmegaRayJay: Zing
7:15 Dawnell_do: Lol, Now those are funny.
7:15 mimschkin: They should employ a 'cawfee goil'
7:15 sora_thekey: I think it's a parody
7:15 damswedon: iwe all need to send her 1 cawfee bean
7:15 aboynamedart09: Cawfee Tawk
7:15 sora_thekey: it's fake!
7:15 sora_thekey: right please!
7:16 aboynamedart09: It's a trap!
7:16 mimschkin: It has to be fake
7:16 inferiorego: I bought 3 volumes of Invincible collections because of Image's ad campaign
7:16 sora_thekey: maybe it's someone dressed as harry Potter
7:16 mimschkin: Haha, that would work
7:16 OmegaRayJay: Yay nearly as many X films as there are comics
7:16 couzinit99: how could there be an X-4?
7:16 Fleonix: x-men reboot
7:16 sora_thekey: NO X4 please!!!!
7:16 denniscalero: i am not crazy about singer
7:16 sora_thekey: @Fleon: Right!
7:16 mimschkin: No more X-films.
7:17 inferiorego: @dennis: neither am I
7:17 Fleonix: x-men reboot by MARVEL if i may add
7:17 OmegaRayJay: At least Singer didnt kell everyone off
7:17 aboynamedart09: yeah, just his career
7:17 aboynamedart09: ha
7:17 sora_thekey: @mim: reboot
7:17 OmegaRayJay: *kill
7:17 couzinit99: im not crazy about an X4 in general
7:17 mimschkin: Lol the Cyclops death
7:17 denniscalero: not my fault
7:17 inferiorego: ::applause::
7:17 thebenzo:    lol
7:17 mimschkin: Yay!
7:17 denniscalero: ur welcome
7:17 sora_thekey: cue sound effects
7:17 mimschkin: No!1
7:17 denniscalero: RIGHT
7:17 denniscalero: alzheimers
7:17 mimschkin: No it leaves white marks!!!!
7:17 sora_thekey: @dennis: after shave
7:17 OmegaRayJay: I knew that but i forgot.
7:18 aboynamedart09: wait, it's not like you put it on your head
7:18 mimschkin: I am OBSESSED with white marks
7:18 aboynamedart09: and I, for one, want to recycle my armpits
7:18 ingoingsmooth: lol
7:18 sora_thekey: @dart: LOL!
7:18 Dawnell_do: Lol
7:18 mimschkin: It's just the anti-perspirant that sucks
7:18 couzinit99: THANKS GUYS!!!! THIS IS MY BEST AND FIRST PODCAST GMAN, BABS, and ANA! Hopefully i'll be able to be on again this is so awesome :)!!!!
7:18 Fleonix: dont gorget to wash your hair 1 1/2  times you guys.
7:18 denniscalero: ice
7:18 denniscalero: ty!
7:18 aboynamedart09: I'm off to rinse
7:18 mimschkin: BYE
7:18 denniscalero: bye!
7:18 aboynamedart09: later!
7:18 ingoingsmooth: dont leave
7:18 jloneblackheart: bye
7:18 Fleonix: bye
7:18 OmegaRayJay: later people
7:18 thebenzo: bye lol
7:18 JoeVenom: nice one
7:18 sora_thekey: @Ana: make Sara and Tony read X-men Misfits
7:18 Dawnell_do: See yeah later
7:18 inferiorego: now time for the aftershow where sora and I harrass each other
7:18 JoeVenom: thnx Dennis
7:19 mimschkin: Ha
7:19 couzinit99: lmao
7:19 mimschkin: Thank you Dennis for your hair wisdom
7:19 sora_thekey: Ok... I got to put oil in my car.... or something like that...
7:19 damswedon: right im off to play FFXIII
7:19 inferiorego: yeah... thanks for coming on Dennis
7:19 damswedon: bye yall
7:19 mimschkin: byee
7:19 inferiorego: see ya
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waits patiently for iTunes download
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Wait no longer! You can now LISTEN, DOWNLOAD and COMMENT on the podcast


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@G-Man: okay, maybe there's always been a delay and I just haven't noticed it before but this podcast isn't showing up on iTunes for me...
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@mimschkin: Thanks for posting this... Now I will remember this conversation forever!
This was hilarious!
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You're welcome sora. It was too great not to keep. Hopefully next week I'll have an even better record :D
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Wait! were you copying and pasting this?
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Yeah I was. It doesn't automatically save all of it, so every few minutes I just copy and paste the conversation. I do it for the lurve.
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@mimschkin said:
" @sora_thekey:  Yeah I was. It doesn't automatically save all of it, so every few minutes I just copy and paste the conversation. I do it for the lurve."

That must've been hard... thanks!
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That chat transcript should go on the actual podcast page to make sure everyone sees it.

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@G-Man: the podcast still isn't on iTunes?
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I might actually make this week's podcast on time. If I can just remember the time. lol