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I'm fine with most race changes, because most of the characters race doesn't mean anything; like if they cast a black actor to play Superman in a movie/TV show and he's written well and acts traditionally to the character than what does Superman race matter?

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Alfred as Batman made me laugh too :D

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Just ordered Deadpool's Legends figure and soon as it gets here I'll have the first wave finished. :)

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I think changing the race of Superman would finally make me quit new Superhero related stuff, and just go back to the classic stuff.

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Oh Tony I have a theory of how Batman affords all this destruction..he obviously robs his villains after he defeats them ;)

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Mary Jane is suppose to be a beautiful, sexy and caring model. What the hell does race have to do with that? This is one "change" that no-one should have issues with as long as the actress is a beautiful, sexy woman that can play a caring model. I think this actress qualifies for the part, yeah? Could she really be worse than ... well ... nevermind. :-)

And as far as Batman going through all those vehicles and how he can afford it ... He has new Car Replacement Coverage on his Bat-Insurance. ;-)