Comic Vine Weekly Podcast 7-14-15

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Tuesday podcast, it's chaos and anarchy!!!

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38:00-ish. He didn't grab his crotch, he pointed to it.

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Thanks, you guy are really putting in the work, this month.

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Deadpool comics may not be R rated, but most of Deadpool fan base are R rated...... They are making that movie for the fans. This coming from a Non-Deadpool-fan.

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Listening to you guys debate about the message on the newspaper in BvS trailer. Since we have seen a monument to a robin ( assuming it's Jason Todd) what if the message is referring to his death ? Or even from Jason/Redhood? This could be potentially setting up a future movie.

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A) Yeah that kid is super creepy. The hat isn't helping either!

B) Suicide Squalor does NOT sound like a movie I want to see.

3) I really don't think the newspaper note refers to Bruce having a real family that gets killed by Superman. That seems like too much of a departure from his usual character (not the marrying type). My own theory is that it's a reference to Jason Todd (Bat-Family not actual family). I'm not a handwriting analyst but the writing on Robin's costume looks pretty similar to the writing on the newspaper. For this to make sense Joker would have to know that Bruce is Batman which I think is possible.

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There might not have been topless scenes in the Bond movies but there definitely is in the original books

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I think Tony is drastically underestimating the difference between comics ratings and movie ratings. If you did a shot for shot adaption of MOST Deadpool comics, it'd absolutely be rated R for the violence alone. Deadpool gets very violent. Taking all of the blood away would solve that but it is still jarring (at least to me) when Wolverine is hacking people up in the movies with absolutely no blood. So, I'm not really against the R rating even though I do believe that the movie won't do quite as well as people may be thinking as a direct result of the rating.