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Let the week begin.

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Mat, how can you say there is no moral issue taking place in Civil War II? The choice of basically locking people up for something they MAY do ... is it a problem or the solution? It is like the Phillip K. Dick book (and movie) about "Pre-Crime". Do you arrest people for what the future says will happen?

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying the book is great, but there is a moral dilemma here. Another "What side are you on?" taking place and was really well written about in issue #1 ... I think ... though it may have been the zero or FCBD issue :-)

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Oh, i was just going to ask about Endless Promo. I'm watching MitB tonight, should be go (of course they all 'should' be good).

- I think that hardcore fans of a series can appreciate a TV or movie adaptation that's different than the comic if they understand anything about what makes a good show or movie. When you hear people complain that it's not exactly like the comic it makes me wonder if they understand anything about on screen entertainment.

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I was avoiding all spoilers of Game of Thrones of this last season as I am waiting for the book(s), until now. You say the name of the episode is not a spoiler but think about it. I have watched until the last season and you say that name. I am really sad. I'm out.

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Tony, I once took a redeye flight from Vegas to Boston. Left at midnight Vegas time and arrived at about 7am Boston time.

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@dd208: I took one from San Francisco to Chicago. I didn't mind it. Last time I fly back from NY (in February), the plane was supposed to arrive at SFO at 10 pm but the delays made it land at 2 am PST. Sucked because I was then stuck at the airport and could've arrived at the airport in NY later.