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Lol, Tony's face in the image was my face while watching the first few episodes of Iron Fist! :p

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At this point I feel like any character who doesn't have particularly flamboyant powers, and who deals primarily with street level crime would work better on Netflix. Just because you could tell a deeper story over time. Movies are better for big budgets and effects.

So I think a moon knight Netflix series would be perfect. They could really dig into the mystery of konchu and make the viewer unsure if he's real or not.

- power rangers and GitS will probably be movies I watch at home. Still have to see Logan and maybe Kong in theatres,

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Hey guys, here's something for the next podcast.

I was going to write down all my feelings about Iron Fist but I'm only halfway done so I'll wait until I finish it. What I will say is that it's definitely not excellent. I'm enjoying it but I'm also looking past some real issues with the show.

My question for you is actually about critics. I was always under the impression that a critic was not there to give you an opinion, they're giving you facts. They look at writing, acting, directing, and other things that can actually be graded. They see it from a clinical, expert point of view. And if you don't care about those things than it doesn't matter what they say but that doesn't make the critic wrong. These days, when something is critically panned people seem jump on critics saying they're wrong or corrupted in some way.

Do you feel something has changed in the way entertainment is reviewed?

I also wanted to point out, if anyone is disappointed with Iron Fist they should check out Into the Badlands. It's also a martial arts, action show with a very interesting premise. It's not perfect but I feel it's a notch above Iron Fist. The second season is out soonish I think.