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Great 'shop work, Tony. I about fell outta my seat laughing at that picture. Great stuff.

And I agree with you, buddy, Netflix is not for movies. I love Netflix ... but it isn't for movies. It is for all the great British shows like Happy Valley!!!!!!!

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-Lol, Tony. I put my question on the podcast question forum. I woulda sent you an email to tell you but....

- @ptsteelers: I don't know, I still watch a lot of movies on Netflix. Just watched Zootopia the other day. Keep meaning to watch The Revanant.

- I feel like every time they make a new X men movie they kinda ruine the material. Hopefully Logan will be different enough for me to enjoy.

- Lastly, Iron Fist = Hype. At least for me. As long as the fight scenes are on point I'll be happy. Everything else is icing on the cake.

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@ptsteelers: And Still Game. One of my favorite scenes.

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@nightfang3: Indeed

@d9000: Oh sure, there are some good movies up. In-fact, the wife and I finally saw Finding Dory the other night ;) and if you search by theme and by 'most popular' under say ... the Drama category for example, they are pretty sound with such titles as: Braveheart, Filth (which was crazy, but so good), Usual Suspects and Good Will Hunting and more, but it just seems to me that for every good to decent movie you will find, they have 6 or 7 that are just really weak. And don't get me started on their Sci-Fi/Fantasy selection. ;-). I just find, personally, for me, if I want to watch a good movie, it is better to start my search with HBOgo or even Hulu. But tastes are of course very individual. :-)

Still, you can't beat Netflix for the great television shows that you find from other countries. Including that very odd and yes, very funny show that Tony enjoys. Still Game is a riot. Haven't seen too many episodes as ... well ... the wife hates that show LOL, but I have been loving it. Very juvenile, which is great when I am in that mood. Loved the entire "Jack moving into a new place" ... arc(?) And I'm not taking a P*sh. LOL

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@ptsteelers: @ptsteelers: I didn't realize that hbo had movies too. But I see Netflix as a digital movie rental store like blockbuster. They have lots of great, popular movies. But they also have all sorts of weird crap to fill the shelves, if all they had were critically acclaimed stuff you'd never find any hidden gems.

Although to be fair, if the price got higher by $5 - $10 I would probably drop it. They gotta be really careful with their pricing,