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keep up the awesome work!

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I agree with Tony's rant about forced relationships in movies. Especially in action heavy movies where they don't have a ton of time to let a romantic relationship build, it ends up feeling so tacked on.

The worst example of this that I can think of is actually Guardians of the Galaxy. I really didn't like the sudden romance between Star Lord and Gamora. In fact, I kinda felt like that movie declawed Gamora a lot. But it was still a sick movie so....

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If a laser is going the Speed of Light (i.e., speed in a vacuum), because it IS light, wouldn't it increase its speed, as it get's closer to a large gravitational field (e.g., the planet it's aimed at)? Then the speed of the light would be faster than the Speed of Light. #nerdthoughts

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@zikascomics: I'm wrong about the Starkiller base. The weapon they fire a beam, using the energy of a sun, and it's unclear whether or not it's a laser, traditional or not. I'm assuming it's not light they're firing, but moreso energy.

Regardless, the Starkiller base fires its weapon through hyperspace, much like how ships travel through hyperspace. Source: http://www.starwars.com/databank/starkiller-base

As for gravity affecting the speed of light. From the research I found and what I know, gravity doesn't slow or speed up light. This may be a lame example, but think of it more like a giant highway that merges into one lane. Light, which is the car on the road her, is pulled towards the one lane, but it doesn't affect speed. Gravity and its effects on objects is not an area i know a ton about, aside from the basics.