Comic Vine Weekly Podcast 11-6-15

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Thanks, guys.

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Awesome, just in time for my bus home from work! :D

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SETH ROLLINS GOT INJURED!!! WHere is my Endless Promo????!!!!

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New Invincibly Super Massive Comic Book Podcast of Stuff is coming!

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YES!!! Thanks so much for answering my email, i'll take the advice and start collecting both of the Constantine / Hellblazer titles.

Love the show!

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Do you guys plan to go soundcloud?

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Extraordinary X-Men #1 was 'fun'? Holocaust documentaries are more fun than that issue.

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@crtsde: About a year ago I picked up the first three volumes of Hellblazer on Comixology. I think it's all written by Jamie Delano, and although it's taken me for ever to finish them all I've enjoyed it thoroughly. At a few points I found it got a bit long-winded but the stories and themes are really cool and unique.

@rideaspacecowboy: I definitely think it would be great if they broke the CV podcast into a bunch of shorter pods, that way they could focus more on one topic or subject. But the issue always comes back to not enough hours in the day to record and edit.

Thanks for holding off my questions for Corey. I was worried he wouldn't be there when I wrote it. Totally agree with your rankings except that I consider Heroes Reborn to be a completely legitimate superhero show. (only problem is I haven't watched an episode yet due to time constraints)

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@sprior93: what did they say about 600...I'm working :(

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Tony thought the hopeful ending of Uncanny clashed awkwardly with the dour tone of Extra.

Mat simply lost interest because of the ridiculously long delay.

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This makes my 1 hour drive to work so much easier. Woooo

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Gamora is getting her own book, they announced it last year

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Delicious podcast.

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@g-man Is this so short because of Supermassive's return? If so, I would rather Supermassive stay dead unfortunately. Don't want to sacrifice or compromise the integrity of the CV Weekly podcast for Supermassive's sake...

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@g_man I checked out the Star Wars: Aftermath book and I hear you, so much going on with characters we aren't familiar with. Hopefully the next two books will get better now that we're invested in the cast. I'm up to chapter 12 on Lost Wars. It's essentially a love story of two Imperials of the Empire. Interesting how it goes through the events of A New Hope but seen through their eyes. Starts off slow but now I'm into it! #nevertoomuchstarwars haha