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superhero tartan http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-34614442

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YES!!!! I love this podcast, I've been listening to other podcasts just to make up for it but nothing compares yet. Definitely would listen to multiple podcasts per week, wink wink, Supermassive, wink wink.

Hi Corey!!

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No talk about the new Marvel comic announcements?

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A podcast....."It's true, all of it."

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Shang Chi had a pretty awesome series back in the 80s.

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Oh man, I wanted to hear more about eggs. I love a good egg sandwich.

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Regarding the Flash killing bad guys, I thought in both cases Team Flash came up with these plans together. I mean last season they were all about locking villains up in solitary confinement without batting an eye about it.

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Tony you forgot about iZombie! It's been back as long as Flash, it's not a midseason show this year.

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@wardishy: Haven't forgotten. Still haven't had a chance to catch up since NYCC.

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Thanks for posting time stamps for the podcast. I really appreciate being able to jump right into the comic talk. You guys are great!