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#52 Posted by Yung ANcient One (5308 posts) - - Show Bio

I. Why do I feel like the "flesh muscles" statement is for a previous employee?

II. I'm glad they referenced Bullseye having adamantium in his bones.

III. I don't know how many times I went to a vacation in my mind then return to the podcast to ultimately stop listening and tune out again... over and over again.

IV. I'll be back later. It''s late PEACE

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the Tick was a funny book, not sure how regular its put out now though, but the Tick.

Also Madman can be good, another Mike Allred book. But he isn't making them right now.

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#54 Posted by k4tzm4n (41737 posts) - - Show Bio

Bullseye survived the adamantium process thanks to some crazy herbs and alleged magic. Basically, they said he'd either die or recover quickly. Luckily for Lester, it was the latter.

...not like it matters much right now. Poor Bullseye.

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@undeadpool Hiya Corey, Brits don't tend to pronounce 'cuckoo' with an 'ock' sound, it's just standard 'uh' as in 'huckleberry'.

And given that the Stepford Cuckoos are mini-Emmas rather than the real one, perhaps they don't adopt the British affectation, especially since they're distancing themselves from her at the moment. So your normal sweet tones are fine!

In other news, you finally pronounced Frazer Irving's for name as 'Frazer'- nice one!

Good show, as ever.

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Oh, and Corey, the Mandarin wasn't named for the fruit or the language, it's from the other meaning, a high-ranking official. So the name is a bit Kingpinny.

Regarding the lad who is embarrassed to have his loved ones know he reads comics, honestly, just relax and enjoy. It's perhaps the apparent need for affirmation that's making it feel like a problem - why does the girlfriend have to read them too? Its OK for halves of a couple to have interests the other doesn't get.

Unless GL lore has changed, which it does a lot, the oath was traditionally more of a timing device to get the charge right, than a necessity. The inspirational words are an optional extra.

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Hope everyone listened to the veeeeeery end.

watching the new show?

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#58 Posted by KingKarate (133 posts) - - Show Bio

Ah, the good ol' days of the podcast.