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These people were fated to die in an automobile mash up on route 34

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However, one of these survivor's had a vision and manage to save the lives of 8 survivors (seen below). You are death from Final destination and now have to go kill these people in order to make things balanced between life and death.

1. Alicia (had the premonition)

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Student at UCLA. Currently doing a degree in criminal management.

2. Chang

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Entrepreneur and owner of several restaurant.

3. Joey

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Fitness competitor.Gym fanatic. Personal trainer and instagram model.

4. Carlos

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Rich, defense attorney. Father of 2 boys.

5. Lewis

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Professional blogger and freelance writer for dailymail.

6. Samantha

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Currently doing a degree in Marine biology at University of Missouri also a member of the delta gamma sorority.

7. Dalia

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Former beauty queen now turned real estate agent.

8. Meagan

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Highschool senior and cheerleader about to graduate and go onto University of West Virginia.

How would you go about doing it?

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This threads purpose seems to be extracting the inner cruelty out of people.

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Death by snu snu. All of them.

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Alicia, Dalia, and Meagan choke to death.

The other guys can have car crashes I guess idc.

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Lol everyone hating on Jeff Seid

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I don't want to kill the first girl

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So, a less-convoluted task for Final Destination? Sudden Heart attacks so there's no ridiculous BS.

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Really your question scares the heck out of me. Would not want to be trading places with death.

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3. Joey

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Old age. Time is immaterial to Death. It will work itself out in the end.

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What's up with the Final Destination threads?

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I like this thread, since I'm a huge fan of Final Destination. Not happy you just took the highway crash from 2 as the starting point for this, so I'm going to change it. The characters are all in the St. Louis Arch, visiting the monument and are about to get into the tram, (fits about 5 or so people). Alicia has a vision of the tram stopping, and suddenly crashing. She gets freaked out, and the other 7 don't ride either, but the Tram still crashes, killing the next group that tries to ride it. All of them are stuck in St. Louis for a while

Alicia can't die first. Not until the end of the movie. The one with the premonition always makes it to the end of the movie, so let's start off with Chang. He doesn't get saved, since none of them have any ideas death is coming. Chang is in one of his restaurants, giving it a thorough look-over. There's a lot of sharp object, fires, food preparation, and typical chef things going on. As he's walking through, he narrowly avoids chefs chopping things, and the sharp objects, but a large fire goes off in his face, he hits a dish rack when he turns around, falls into a boiling hot pot of water, and drowns/gets scalded to death.

Alicia hears about this, and since she's a criminal management major, starts looking into this, discovering the past victims of the movies.

While that happens, we get to Joey. He's at his gym, training his local clients, and maintaining the work-out area. He decides to start making himself a protein shake, and goes over to the blender, adding in the ingredients. He turns the blender on, and steps away from the counter. Right next to the shake station is a huge set of weights, and this big muscular man is working out. He begins struggling, but doesn't want to give up. Just as Joey returns, this man drops the weight, smacking it against the counter, which knocks a huge tub of protein powder out of the top shelf of the cabinet, smacking it into Joey's hand and the blender, breaking the glass, and sending the still spinning blades right into his throat, slitting it and killing him instantly.

Alicia hears about this, and decides to contact the remaining survivors to talk about this. She manages to get Carlos, Lewis, and Dalia to come to the meeting, but Meagan blows it off. Samantha was on her way to the meeting, but gets hit by a bus, classic Final Destination style, but she doesn't die. It's not her turn yet.

The remaining 4 at the meeting discuss what's going on, and Alicia warns them about the other survivors, and how they all dwindled eventually. They decide Carlos is next, and try to determine how to stop them all from dying. Carlos, worried about this, but still needing to take care of his family, says he has to go to his next court case, and the other three tag along, to try and protect him. Throughout the trial, things keep happening that tries to kill Carlos, like a wet floor that almost sent him into an open elevator, which would've crushed him, a past defendant trying to stab him in his office, a falling ceiling fan in the judges chambers, and a few other things. They feel like they've saved him, but when the judge is about to slam the gavel down to rule in favor of Carlos' client, the hammer of the gavel flies off and strikes him directly in the head, instantly killing him.

During this, Lewis sneaks off to try and report this story to his website, but they reject the story for being to ridiculous. He decides to take things into his own hands, and sneaks into the Post-Dispatch's office, and goes to the paper printing room. He writes out the story, and begins printing papers, but the thing jams. He climbs on top of the machinery to see what's going on, but a ceiling tile falls, hitting a lever on the machine, and restarting it with a jolt, making him tumble in and get crushed by the machine.

In the hospital, Samantha is on life support, connected to a lot of machines to keep her alive. One of the nurses gives her some morphine to keep her from feeling too much pain, and leaves the needle in the room, on a tray. A dark presence come over the room, and Samantha senses it. At the same time, Alicia gets another premonition, which makes her realize where Samantha is. She rushes to the hospital. A janitor comes into Samantha's room, not realizing that Samantha is awake. He cleans the room while wearing head phones. He opens the window, to let fresh air into the room, but then bumps into the tray holding the syringe full of air. It flies up into the air, and is about to land in her tube with blood, where the janitor's arm would bump the syringe, sending the air into the tube and killing her, but Alicia, along with Dalia, arrives just in time to catch the syringe and stop that from happening. Samantha is saved, for now. The janitor still doesn't notice any of them in the room, and accidentally bumps Dalia out the open window, and she falls out, splatting against the ground. The Janitor is promptly fired.

Alicia calls Meagan, and tells her to come to the hospital, and Meagan comes along. Alicia manages to get Meagan to stay with her as they keep watch on Samantha until Samantha is fine enough to get well enough to be discharged from the hospital. In those weeks, Alicia saved Meagan from being electrocuted (she tried to plug her computer into a wall) by faulting wiring in the hospital, caused by a leaking coffee pot in the waiting room. The three girls have decided to use the University of Missouri's campus to continue their degrees, with Alicia and Meagan taking online classes from ACLU and the University of West Virginia, respectively. They've been extremely careful since Samantha got out, spending months checking each others backs, keeping safe, and saving each other from harms way. As they're walking across the campus, they hear a loud noise coming from the sky. They see a plane coming down, and it's heavily smoking. They try running out of the path, but the engine falls off, and crushes Samantha. The engine falling caused immense damage to the grounds, and a statue falls right in the path of Meagan, and she trips over it, cracking her skull on the pavement. Alicia keeps running, but can't out run the plane, and is ultimately crushed by the plane. The plane is ultimately revealed to be Flight 810, an anagram for 180, and the shot fades to black.

It's not great, but I tried my best. I think it's obvious I've seen the series too much, and might be a sociopath. I'm not sure. This was fun though.

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Joey popped some gear and drank 6 gallons of whey protein solution before hitting the deck and never getting back up

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Old age. Time is immaterial to Death. It will work itself out in the end.

That's deep