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This should be the most realistic list created, since i am not such a fanboy that i exaggerate and not a hater that i will lowball. And I will actually use reason, not just a stupid listing with neither source nor evidence. I will use wrestlers who actually have evidence first. Also, this is the wrestlers WITHOUT shoes. Feel free to add an inch to their height if you want.

Some wrestlers are way past their prime, and are actually pretty tall......10 or 15 years ago. All the wrestlers will have both a prime listing and a current listing. Do tell me if i missed anyone you like.


1) Big Sexy Kevin Nash.

Billed: 7'0

Prime: 6'9

Current (2014): 6'7

Reason: this picture here shows his height in 2014, and i used a metric ruler to measure the bit above 2 meters and he was 2 meters 8.5 centimeters (6'8), decrease it by an inch (shoes) and we have his current height. he is 56 years old right now (males begin to shrink at 30, and normally shrink about 2 inches on average) and in his prime without the wrestling injuries that shrinks wrestlers more than us, he would've been at least 2-3 inches taller. Give him his shoes, he will look like he really is 7 feet tall.

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2) Big Show.

Billed height: 7'5 as the giant, then 7'2, now 7'0

Prime: 7'0 - 7'1.

current: 6'9 1/2

Reason: here is him with prime Kevin Nash. you can easily tell he is at least 2 inches taller. the reason he is this short now is because of his recent pic with Shaq. Shaq revealed he is not 7'0, but 6'11 barefoot. So with shoes he should be 7'1 but he shrinks with age as well, albeit not as much as people who take falls; he jumps. So lets say he shrunk 1 inch (he is 44 now, and basketball must contribute to slower shrinking), and is 7'0 with shoes, he is at least 1 inch taller than Show. Minus the shoes and we have his current height.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

3) Roman Reigns

Prime: 6'1 1/2

WWE bills him at 6'3, his college listed him as 6'2, which is good enough for me. take away half an inch for shoes and you get his real barefoot height. but then, his wrestling boots gives him another inch, so 6'3 is right. he is currently 30 years old, so he has no reason to shrink. check out this picture of him with the Beast.

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i think roman reigns is one of the lucky guys. he is tall himself, but his build makes him look taller than he is and his posture, which is pretty commanding, gives him another inch. even when he is next to a real legit 6'3 guy, he still looks tall, if not taller. unfortunately, when he is real close to a 6'3 guy like brock here, his reality warping powers fail him and the difference in height is clear as whatever sh't you think is clear, and brock stands more than an inch taller than him.

4) The Beast, Brock Lesnar.

Billed: 6'3

Prime: 6'2 1/2 - 6'3

Current: maybe a shade under, but hes only 38.

Reason: the picture above, his UFC stats 6'3, and his NFL combine 6'2 3/8. Roman reigns is 6'3 with boots, and Brock is a bit taller than that with shoes. also we dont count his hair, which stands up.

5) The Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Billed: 6'5

Prime: 6'4

Current: 6'4

Reason: him with brock lesnar. if he is a legit 6'5 without shoes, then he wouldnt be only a tiny bit taller than brock.


6) The Big Red Machine, Kane.

Billed: 7'0

Prime: 6'9

Current: 6'6

Reason: Kane has stated in multiple interviews that he is NOT 7'0, or even close to it. with normal shoes, he could be 6'9 1/2, with lifts, 6'11. but his barefoot height is barely 6'9. here is hi with the big show, both in their prime and the big show is 7'11 compared to kanes 7'0, but anyone with half a brain can tell that the difference is not just one measly inch. this is kane after his debut, were he used lifts. you can tell he is more than two inches shorter.

his current height is not as impressive as his prime time, but he IS 49, and has wrestled his entire life with those surgeries, so shrinking 3 inches or more is normal. the first pic is him next to vince vaughn who is 6'5. you can tell, without the hair, kane is taller but not by much.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

7) Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

Billed: 6'8

Prime: 6'6 - 6'7


Reason: i dont like these old time guys because it is hard, much harder to gauge their height. he went into wrestling at about 30 years old, and was immediately given 2 inches. many people today say he is not even 6'5, but not according to these pictures. from the first pic is bill anderson, the second is sylvester. you cant compare him to wrestlers because most of them are fake too. sylvester is 5'10, and hogan looks like hes a feet taller than him, which interestedly, makes him 6'8. but we have to remember they were both wearing shoes, so 6'7. the first pic is of him, albeit a bit shrunken. Bill is 6'4, and hulk is like three inches taller, or more. but then, shoes, so decrease it by half an inch, we get his prime height.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

at 62 years old now and with numerous leg drops which compresses the spine, and all his surgeries, he looks 6'2 or 6'3 now, judging from this pic with brock.

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8) The American Badass, The Undertaker.

Billed: 6'10

Prime: 6'9 1/2 - 6'10

Current: 6'5

Reason: in wrestlemania 14, undertaker was 33. this is when Kane used lifts, and was 7'0 with those lifts. undertaker here looks like he is 1 1/2 inches shorter, which makes him 6'10 1/2, and minus the shoes, we get his real height.

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from this pic with brock, we can gather he is about an inch taller than brock, who is about 6'3 and a bit, so undertaker currently is 6'5. he IS 51, so its understandable.

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9) The Cerebral Assassin, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Triple H.

Billed: 6'4

Prime: 6'3

Current: 6'2 1/2

Reason: he is the same height as Brock, and he is 46.

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i think i see a pattern here. the tallest wrestlers are so tall, their height is hard for us normal people to gauge, so WWE added a few inches to their height. the others, are either only 1 inch shorter, or used to be close to their current billed height, but because of the toll wrestling take on their bodies, they are no longer that tall. WWE does add inches to their wrestlers, but not everyone gets that treatment. only if your so tall nobody could tell the difference between 6'9 and 6'11. If there are wrestlers whos height you want me to check, again, feel free to mention to me. I want to try to stand next to them and measure them myself, but im 5'7 1/2 in shoes, so they are just far too tall for me.

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If they are over 6'8 they say 7 ft, if they are over 300lb they say anything from 350 to 450lbs. Everybody else you can pretty much subtract 2 inches and 20 lbs to get their correct height and weight.

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Roman Reigns he really does look bigger than he is.

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Only problem with Kevin Nash is that 208.5cm is 6'10, not 6'8.

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They have Big Cass at 7 ft and Kane as well... just stop it WWE

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WWE has always exaggerated the height of its giants. Andre the Giant was never 7'4 in real life. He probably was never even 7ft. In interviews they had Andre stand on a box while being interviewed by Vince McMahon.

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Hulk Hogan 4'8

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