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Poll: Would you rather live in China or Japan? (45 votes)

China 4%
Japan 93%
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The one with dirty panty vending machines.

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Japan, considering China is currently ruled by a power hungry wanna-be dictator.

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Japan cause gundam! And lots of nice food

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Japan is objectively better.

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China's polution is beyond all bearing.

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@mainjp said:

Japan is objectively better.

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Japan. I would have vastly more freedom, an uncensored internet, the power of having actual opposition parties that have meaning, and the power to criticize the government without penalties.

The old regime may be gone, parts of capitalism have been implemented - but the communist party is undoubtedly still in control of the nation, with all the problems that causes.

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'South Korea or Japan' would've been a better matchup

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Japan because I’ll have freedom

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@ganon15 said:

'South Korea or Japan' would've been a better matchup

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Japan, quite obviously. My cousin was stationed there for a few years. In my navy tour, I never set foot on it. I would have liked to, though.

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China is horrendous.

There is CCTV footage of a toddler being run over repeatedly in China whilst groups of people just walk past looking at her with disinterest. Yup, that actually happened in China. Likely the most awful thing I've ever seen.

If you take someone to hospital you can be liable for their bills so people just pretend not to see you.

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Defo Japan.

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Japan, the only downside is natural disasters IMO.

And possible NK air strikes.

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Japan just sounds great in general. I've been watching Abroad in Japan for a while and he's tempting me to become a weeb.

China sucks. I'd prefer not to get black lung by the time I turn 25.

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Japan, and it's not close.

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There is no way the NK air force is a threat to Japan. It is more missile warnings and strikes at this point. South Korea is the one that should really be concerned though.

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Chinese guy here who returns to China from Australia annually to visit family, although I do feel at home at China with all my friends and family there and I adore my heritage as well as Chinese culture, Japan is objectively more suitable for me due to my western upbringing and customs, it definitely feels more modernised compared to China which holds onto a lot of dated political and social ideals.

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Japan. Specifically akihabara. An otaku's paradise.