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Posted by mrmonster (14624 posts) 3 months, 21 days ago

Poll: Would you permanently stay in whatever city/town you live in now for a million dollars? (54 votes)

Yes 52%
No, but maybe for a higher price 22%
No, not for any price 26%
Results 0%

Here's the scenario: If you say yes, you get $1,000,000 dollars (if you're not American, convert that to whatever that is in your currency, ex if you're British that's 780800 pounds), but you can never leave the city limits of whatever city/town you live in now, not even for a short trip. You're there for life.

Would you accept the deal, and if no, would you say yes for a higher price?

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#1 Posted by mrmonster (14624 posts) - - Show Bio

IMO: No, not for any price. I love traveling way too much to be bound to any single location for life.

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For a higher price like hundreds of millions, sure. Id basically make my area in to one of the best locations on earth via a ton of money put in to it and basically own the city


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Hell I'd live in Mayberry for a million dollars as long as they had Wifi and Amazon.

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Yes. Interesting question though.

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yeah no I wouldn't be able to survive since my town doesn't have much in terms of businesses and I wouldn't be able to date cause there aren't many girls my age

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#6 Posted by Alavanka (2385 posts) - - Show Bio

Hell yes.

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Oh man, that'd nearly defeat all the purpose of having a million dollars in the first place.

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Not like I can leave here permanently without that million. The only loss is short trips, which I don't do that often anyway. So, I guess being here with a million could outweigh being here without it.

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Yes, I hate travelling...

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What’s the point of being rich if I can’t travel

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Nope. I still want to see the world. Maybe for a billion. Ok, ok, half a billion.

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NO but For a billion why not?

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No way. I mean, I'd live here for sure. But not being able to leave is too far, there is FA to do here.

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That sounds terrible, like a big golden cage.

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Part of me is like nah...but tbh if someone walked up to me with a legit Mill, with this proposal, I’d probably do it. A mill might be much to some, but to me that’s still a lot of money to turn your nose up at

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No. Can't do that here. People get shot for less.

Plus I wouldn't wanna be trapped here forever wtf

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But I wanna travel...

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Sure. Atlanta's an okay place.

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I can’t leave the city at all? I’m good b

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I don't actually live in a town.

I live in the bush between two towns.

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#21 Posted by FaradaySloth (8437 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes, my town is nice

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I don't even live in a town. Would I be confined to the tiny, super rural neighborhood I am in now? The only business for several miles is a gas station. I need to go to a town just to get food...

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#24 Posted by deactivated-5c0b19c56d708 (624 posts) - - Show Bio

no. lemme go back to Long Island!

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The average cost of a house in my city is 500-800k, so I’d need a bit more.

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#27 Posted by Rustlingjimmy (1091 posts) - - Show Bio

I live in a middle of nowhere small town. i would get so bored here.

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Of course ain’t no place better than New York City.

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#30 Posted by The_Kidd (11758 posts) - - Show Bio

Hell no.

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Since I'm going to live here forever anyway, why not get the money too?

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I already do it for fourty grand a year.

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Of course.

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I'd do it for half. I've been here forever, I hate traveling and I have no desire to leave. Gimme my half-million dollars!

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What’s the point of being rich if I can’t travel

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Maybe if I were limited to just my province since I am not a big traveler. But not being able to leave my city is to far.

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No. A million dollars in reality is not a lot of money. And to be held hostage in your city (I live in Miami, btw) it isn’t worth it.

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Not my current town, no.