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Yeah I know. Old is Gold. But I surely as hell want to see my childhood game get remastered version.

I just wanna see CJ catch the damn train in fully advanced gameplay and graphic lol.

Yes, I know there's a reference about this in GTA 5 but the feeling is not the same.

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Well, a few years ago they said they were open to the idea "if certain conditions were met", but they haven't released any remasters yet for any of their other games, so for now it seems unlikely. GTAV is still in the Top-20 month after month so there is little financial motivation to invest time and money into a GTA SA remaster especially when they're working on GTA VI. So at least for now, they don't seem to be interested in remaster releases. If and when, I would think redoing Vice City might be the better debut before San Andreas anyway.

In a 100 years? Yeah, but by then you'll probably be too dead to play it.