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Hell and no can not stand Kathey griffon.

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@MasterJohn said:

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@YoungJustice said:

You most be a pretty boring individual if don't go out for New Years....


Guess i'm boring then. But it's mostly due to not having a car, because in miami without a car it's impossible to get to the clubs. I live nowhere near south beach. My lady going out with the girls and I got some liquor some i'm good. Long as I get laid tonight i'm happy. lol

Well good for you.

I wasn't really trying to make you feel uncomfortable with anything I've said. I mean one of my best friends is a married devote christian and we no longer hang out, although we talk at times, so you being who you are and doing what you believe in is no fault at all. I am curious though. Have you alway's been this way? If so, how early did these opinions about partying and pre-marital sex begin? Do your friends give you a hard time?

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who gives a crap?

New Years Eve really isn't even a blip on my radar.