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Poll: Who was worse - Hitler, Stalin or Mao? (168 votes)

Adolf Hitler 37%
Joseph Stalin 36%
Mao Zedong 27%
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Pol Pot.

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This guy

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Still Stalin

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Tbh, Stalin was more despicable imo

At least Hitler and Mao cared about their people(not so much mao)

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Stalin by a lot.

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@trixie: Agreed.

and Uncle Adolf is really just misunderstood, Stalin is aight and Mao is pretty bad.

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@sophia89 said:

Mao killed more people, so him.

If we're going by evil acts, and not numbers, then Stalin.

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Most malicious and sadistic wa s probably Adolf.

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Mao >> Hitler >>>>>>>> Stalin.

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Mao. And Pol Pot should have been on this list as well.

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Gandhi was the worst.


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Yeah skimming through the answers the local edgelords didn't disappoint.

Not a subject I would debate on this troll infested place.

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Mao was a bad guy?

And OMG hitler and stalin both have 37%. That balance tho.

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@the_stegman said:

Hitler caused WWII, I'm saying him.

True, but because of that. We have Anime due to the fact that the Japanese started making shows and posters for propaganda. So it's a good and a bad thing.