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Poll: Who was worse - Hitler, Stalin or Mao? (171 votes)

Adolf Hitler 37%
Joseph Stalin 36%
Mao Zedong 27%
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Pol Pot.

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This guy

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Still Stalin

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Tbh, Stalin was more despicable imo

At least Hitler and Mao cared about their people(not so much mao)

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Stalin by a lot.

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@trixie: Agreed.

and Uncle Adolf is really just misunderstood, Stalin is aight and Mao is pretty bad.

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@sophia89 said:

Mao killed more people, so him.

If we're going by evil acts, and not numbers, then Stalin.

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Most malicious and sadistic wa s probably Adolf.

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Mao >> Hitler >>>>>>>> Stalin.

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Mao. And Pol Pot should have been on this list as well.

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Gandhi was the worst.


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Yeah skimming through the answers the local edgelords didn't disappoint.

Not a subject I would debate on this troll infested place.

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Mao was a bad guy?

And OMG hitler and stalin both have 37%. That balance tho.

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@the_stegman said:

Hitler caused WWII, I'm saying him.

True, but because of that. We have Anime due to the fact that the Japanese started making shows and posters for propaganda. So it's a good and a bad thing.

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He makes killing ppl an industry.

WHY he killed ppl and the way the nazis kill the ppl is the most evil.


Mao killed the most but oh well... it was in china where more ppl live then in germany +russia together in that time.

That kill count isnt that impressive if you count that in.

On the other hand he killed ppl because his system didnt work.

Hitler>stalin >>>mao

Its about EVIL not killing count.

Btw some things i read here a so wrong.

Hitler doesnt hate the British.

He hates eastern europeans/russians.

And sees them as "untermenschen"