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Which ever one did that one really funny thing.

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John Clesse,if not just for his appearance in Fawlty Towers

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Graham Chapman

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I absolutely love them all. But, if i had to pick one, it is John Cleese. I got to meet him while working as a Valet at a 5 Star Hotel. He did part of the "This Bird is No More" routine for me.

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Terry Jones The Welsh........  

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Always liked John Cleese.

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Eric Idle

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John Cleese is awesome but I have to say Eric Idle was the funniest guy on the show followed closely by Michael Palin

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Eric Idle, "Every Sperm Is Sacred" makes me Lolz

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Gilliam. Background genius :)

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Michael Palin or John Cleese!

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Eric Idle, though John Cleese is brilliant as well.

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Harpo Marx ? :P