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In terms of actual planning, intelligence and actually carrying his/her objective

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Probably Jafar from Aladdin. He nearly achieved his goal, and when he lost the final confrontation, unlike many Disney villains, he didn't die. Now, he did kick the bucket in the direct-to-video sequel, but who's really counting those as canon?

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@Penguin-Dust: I mean, didn't Scar actually achieve his goal for a bit before being dethroned by Simba?

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Syndrome, mother gothel from tangled

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Shan Yu. The guy did everything right.

I still call BS on the mountain scene. How could a girl in Han dynasty China, who likely rarely left her village, let alone climb a mountain, know how avalanches work?

And after losing all those men, he still got the emperor right where he wanted him, in the middle of a huge celebration surrounded by his followers and guards too.

Probably his only flaw was losing sight of his objective towards the end and going for revenge instead of killing Shang and securing the emperor, though that in itself isn't inherently bad since it's more like just getting sidetracked, not deterred completely.

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I'm not up on the recent decade of Disney villains but based on what I do know I'd say Jafar.

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Syndrome basically lost to his own intelligence. Scar technically achieved exactly what he planned to. Jafar achieved his goal as well and basically only lost on a technicality he was unaware of.

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Probably Scar. He got rid of Mufasa and made Simba think he was responsible all in one move.

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No one they all suck.

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Scar's only mistake was sending his pack of idiot henchmen to kill Simba instead of just doing it himself. Aside from that, his plan and his execution were flawless.

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Scar or Jafar leaning more towards the Scar, he actually committed murder and was gonna kill Simba too. By far the most vicious villain of my childhood.

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I agree with Scar being thecthe most competent villain. It was the hyenas being incompetent for not killing Simba when they were told, then lying to Scar about it later

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Clearly Captain Hook am i right?

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