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Any media

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The Crimson Chin.

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Ballchinion, men in black.

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The Three Little Pigs

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No Caption Provided

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Yeah, the Crimson Chin.

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Jay Leno

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The Crimson Chin.

The most appropriate answer.

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Aquaman from batman brave and the bold

batman from batmetal

there is also that old comedic animated superhero character with red spandex whose name I can't remember

Edit: Found him, the crimson chin

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Mr.Clean or Johnny Bravo

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Dick Dastardly.

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Ash from the Evil Dead movies.

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No Caption Provided

With the greatest forehead to boot.

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it would be Amir Khan the boxer

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The Tick!

No Caption Provided

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As far as look? Going with The Tick

As far as a fight? Rocky Balboa

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Superman got hit from earth to the asteroid belt and was just mildly annoyed. He's got a pretty good chin.

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Tick or the crimson chin.