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Hey fellas, I wanted to discuss with you about who's in control of this world, of the world we live in...

I know that we all have our own opinions and beliefs and that's exatcly where I'm heading to..I want us all to share our opinions based on our personal beliefs, theories and facts to learn a couple of new things. I know that mostly of you guys have some brain, this is why you read comics and manga and all that stuff, like me, your mind was working, we have learned lot's of things and we can judge who does control this world and why things are getting worse every each day.

I will also state my opinion based on what I think is right.

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Well if we go by theology, it's the devil. He controls how things go through our innate evil desires, so although it doesn't seem like we are going in an evil direction towards the end of times, we are.

I will say there are a lot of eerie similarities to where we are at and what is described in The Bible as the end of days, which was written around 2000 years ago.

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@sentry4: The Bible is mostly a collection of writings, and the earliest ones were set down nearly 3500 years ago. Although we share a same belief, I also believe that Satan controls the world via the Secret Societies whom control Media and most of the Goverments..

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Conspiracy theories 2spooky

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@reno117: I was more talking about the stuff in Revelations which was later (AD) IIRC. And I don't believe there are necessarily secret societies manipulating everything, though that is a possibility and has some grounding in history. If we're going off the Bible and Satan, then the Anti-Christ who is supposed to end up controlling everything, won't know they are until they assume control. I think it's more of the negative emotions, greed, desire, selfishness, etc. that Satan would use to bring the world to the time when he takes over.

We're not too far off of some of the signs of the end:

One central power: The American capital system is pretty much worldwide. Stock markets, capitalism, etc have dominated all major governments.

One Language: English is quickly becoming a universal language, it's a secondary language in most countries where it isn't primary.

Mark of the Beast: Everyone has a number assigned to them and those without one cannot work/purchase things. SS number and credit/debit cards. The physical dollar is being taken out of circulation, only 3% of money is physical.

Nuclear War: Bible says the stars will fall and destroy the landscape. With so many countries nuclear, and so many bombs around, it's within our grasp. "And something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea," sounds like a nuclear explosion.

Also, like in Cormac McCarthy's The Road, The Bible describes the sun being blacked out and an endless winter, i.e. a nuclear winter due to all the ash in the air.

Granted I don't fully believe this is true, more of a possibility, since I haven't had any spiritual experiences myself. If some of this s**t comes to fruition though, like one world government, one language, a more exact Mark of the Beast you better believe I'm going to be very skeptical of it.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

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Your mom.

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In marvel's any known unknown maltiverse every1 is under ''TOAA'' s feet as he can create and destroy everything in marrvel's multiverse just by wishing .... & for 'DC' any known unknown maltiverseof DC every1 is under ''The Presence'' s feet as he can create and destroy everything in DC's multiverse just by wishing

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The Jewish

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Those with the money

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@hyiena said:


I came here with the exact intent of saying that :(

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The Illuminati havent you seen a Stanley Kubrick film its all explained in the symbolism.

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@sentry4: I've got to agree with you since I think somehow like you do.

@darkdetective27: I already know, I believe they also are in control with a major role.


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Pilasy:La Voix d'un homme

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The minority of people that claim offense at something the majority have no problems with and end up changing the world then they do something offensive and we can't do anything about them.

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  1. Satan.
  2. Sexy women, especially anime ones.
  3. Straight White man
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The Bush family. They are evil.

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The Twelve Jewish Bankers......

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@cgoodness: I wouldn't say that. He kinda controls the justice league and fan film industry

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Buddhism says Buddha, Christianity says God, Islam says Allah

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Satan atm

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What's up with all the Jew comments lol.

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Nobody controls the entire world. There's no such thing as the Illuminati.

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Lex Luthor or Donald Trump.

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It's the Jews, they profit from every business in the world.

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Rich people

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I hope all these Jews answers are humor/sarcasm attempts.

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@bullpr: I wasn't joking about Jews controlling the world but I also would love time to really research the evidence.

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