Which was worse: Star Wars: The Last Jedi or the female Ghostbusters reboot?

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Posted by Ghostodoofus2 (2394 posts) 1 month, 29 days ago

Poll: Which was worse: Star Wars: The Last Jedi or the female Ghostbusters reboot? (22 votes)

The Last Jedi 32%
Ghostbusters reboot 68%
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#1 Posted by PayneInTheAss (12937 posts) - - Show Bio

I don´t think Star Wars was that bad.

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#2 Posted by OrangeVegeta (90 posts) - - Show Bio

TLJ. Although if I'm honest, I haven't been impressed by any of the new Star Wars movies.

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#3 Posted by mrmonster (17156 posts) - - Show Bio

Ghostbusters and it's not even close imo.

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I must cringe so hard... a very painful question.

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#5 Posted by Amonfire1776 (3251 posts) - - Show Bio

The Last Jedi was great!

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The Last Jedi was amazing. Never understood any of the hate for it.

I saw it 7 times in the cinemas.

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#7 Posted by Mr_Shazam0920 (6081 posts) - - Show Bio

Ghostbusters was trash

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#8 Posted by MAZAHS117 (13661 posts) - - Show Bio

Episode VIII is poor within the confines of the STAR WARS franchise. EP VIII is still a better movie, and has no business being compared to the GB remake which it’s better than in just about every way.

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#9 Posted by Rockette (6721 posts) - - Show Bio

Both were watchable. That's about it. Tied for me.

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Ghostbusters easily. TLJ was just average.

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I liked the ghost busters. It was craptacular