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Poll: Which rock band do you like more (39 votes)

Guns N Roses 28%
Metallica 41%
Nirvana 31%

Just between these three rock banks, which band is your favorite?

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N > G > M

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Old G'n'R first, then Nirvana, and Metallica in third. New G'n'R doesn't exist in my reality.

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would say guns n roses

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Metallica first, Gus N Roses second, third Nirvana.

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Nirvana, I'm not into the other two.

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Nirvana, Metallica, then Guns N Roses.

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Nirvana. '90s grunge is pretty cool.

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Metallica up to the black album.After the black album, i tuned out to them. GN'R would be close second.Never cared for Nirvana.

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Metallica>Nirvana>Guns N' Roses

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G n R!

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Technically not rock... but w/e, Metallica ftw.

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Guns N Roses is the only valid answer.

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Welcome to the Jungle!

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Nirvana, then Metallica, then GnR.

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Oh geez. Hard rock vs thrash vs alternative. All kings/legends in their respective sub genre's of Rock N Roll. I can't even decide😰. ...Led Zep > than all of'em lol

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Metallica > Nirvana > GnR

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Damn. This is harder than I thought. Legitimately had to pause and really think about this. I'd go with Guns N Roses followed super closely by Metallica, I'm talking, SUPER CLOSELY, and then Nirvana.

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Idk this is hard .