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Dark Knight Trilogy vs Original Star Wars Trilogy

Which was better? In terms of quality, originality, and in comparison to the later films. Please give reasoning

The Dark Knight Trilogy

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Or the Original Star Wars Trilogy

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The Dark Knight. The acting and writing were much better than in Star Wars. Not that I'm bashing Star Wars, the original trilogy is awesome too.

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Star wars, TDK trilogy was unimpressive imo

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I enjoy them both greatly but I’ve loved Star Wars longer so it gets my vote.

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@invadedtbd: It was unimpressive? Were you expecting an action movie?

Star wars, TDK trilogy was unimpressive imo

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The Empire Strikes Back solos.

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Nolan’s trilogy is better (Acting, directing etc...), but it’s not as iconic as STAR WARS

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@risk0608: yes I found the movie unimpressive.

No I wasn't expecting an action movie I was expecting a Batman movie not some lame real life adaption where Batman fights like a robot, doesn't make his gadgets, his detective skills are shit, Alfreds always bitching, I could gone on for days. I guess I just wasn't entertained but like I said that's my opinion.

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Both were bad.

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Tdk trilogy is better imo.

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Dark Knight by miles. SW was always overrated imho (granted not my favorite genre), and it did not age well at all.

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The Dark Knight soloes

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SW no contest.

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TDK trilogy easily.

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@invadedtbd: Seems you were looking to see a more comic accurate Batman. This movie was more based in it's story above everything else. The action or the gadgets were not the point of the film. The point was to bring the soul of Batman and his struggle with iconic villains to the forefront. They were introspective films, especially The Dark Knight. They showed us why The Joker is the perfect villain to Batman. They showed us Batman's flaws.

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ANH> Begins



easy win for Star Wars

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Even counting ROTJ Original Star Wars definitely

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Star Wars

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Lol One trilogy is a masterpiece that changed cinema forever and is considered a historic work of art, the modern day epic, the other is a great movie sandwiched in between two boring movies. Hmmmmmmmm...

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Quality? Empire is the better film of all 6, but overall Nolan's trilogy is better acted and scripted. Star Wars is better shot, though; there are no images in Nolan's trilogy that are as memorable as SW best. All in all, I'll go with Nolan.

Originality? Neither are particularly original (SW is a throwback to older sci-fi serials and TDK is basically a better done version of the X-Men movies' vibe).

Influence? TDK was iconic but Iron Man ended up being the more influential of the two. Star Wars is legitimately one of the 10 or so most influential movies ever, and probably the most recent movie in that list.

Overall? I enjoy Nolan' Batman movies more, so I guess that one. If I had to save one of them from being wiped from the collective memory of humankind, though, I'd probably pick Star Wars. Because I'm weird like that.

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TDK. The Star Wars trilogy was great for its time but falls flat in comparison to TDK trilogy.

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Star Wars, easily. Begins and TDKR are overrated (not bad, just overrated). RoTJ isn’t great, but it’s arguably better than Begins, the second best movie in its trilogy.

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I liked the TDK series, I really did. But come on, SW was rewatched so many times for me growing up.

It is THE definitive start to real science fiction blockbusters, at least in space. It made one of the most epic universes out there - even if the stupid disney direction made much of it non-canon.

Star wars hands down, no contest - every day, twice on Sundays. It will always be an entire couple categories above The Dark Knight trilogy. There are only a few other trilogies that are in that ballpark - with the likes of LotR.