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Anyone ?

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Bullies made me so mad i brought my dads handgun to school and taught them a lesson they'd never forget!!

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There's a hole in the wall at my house that I punched.

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broken several playstation controllers over the years.

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They tell me I am supposed regret what I've done.

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OMG YES! When I was in college (way back in the day) I slashed a woman's tires because I was mad at someone ELSE. I was a frigging idiot.

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Destroyed my tv for the Xbox...let’s say I’m not allowed to play video games anymore

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In middle school I got so angry with this asshole in my PE class that I lost control and hit him in the face. I got suspended from school for a few days, and my dad gave me one of the worst scoldings I've ever had.

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So many times, in so many shameful ways XD

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Broke several keyboards thanks to CS:GO (LEM matchmaking is a chaos lmao)

Broke several PS4 controllers thanks to Rocket League and other games

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I once shattered my iPod touch while it was under my pillow when I momentarily raged out. Cost 100 bucks to fix the screen.

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I once punched a tree after getting angry about my stupid annoying brother and my hands were bleeding after that.

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I'm sure everyone has.

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Of course. And that's all you get. >_>

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Of course. Things were punched.

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That time I told someone to kill themselves in a comic book forum and got myself banned. So stupid.

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@lan_fan: why would you get banned for that? I am pretty sure I have seen many people say waaay worse things than that and get away with it.

Unless of course they actually killed themselves, in that case you deserved the ban.

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@omnipotent94: Nah, none of them killed themselves, they instead trolled me even harder.

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Me and @jagernutt: once shoved potatoes in a bikie gangs exhaust pipes while they were in the bar. We were angry because they had better bikes than us.

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No I feel very justified in everything I ever did while I was pissed off.