What's the most you've ever binge-watched in a single day?

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Also, what show was it?

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Not me, but I remember introducing my friend to Game of Thrones right after the third season ended. He texts me like 2 days later fuming because they killed Robb lol

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I binged watched the entirety of The Boys in one day.

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46 episodes of one piece

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I watched Marble Hornets in one day. That's almost nine hours.

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The Boys

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2-3 episodes of hour long shows.

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Peppa Pig

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I watched the entirety of the first season of Daredevil the day it released.

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I used to binge watch mostly in the pre Netflix DVD era, finishing seasons within a day or so.

Supernatural, Chuck, Lost, Boardwalk Empire.

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Either Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones or One Piece, probably One Piece because of the shorter episodes.

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2 episodes in a row of BananaMan

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Arrow during the prime days. Especially with Deathstroke and Ra’Al Ghul.

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-During the time I was addicted to the anime, I could finish series of 12 chapters in 1 or 2 days.

-I watched the Afro Samurai series in 1 day.

-I saw the whole Pain Saga (Naruto) in a single day. (152-169 and 172-175)

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Harry Potter movies.

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I binged watched the entirety of The Boys in one day.

The binged the entirety of The Boys in an hour...

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The whole second half of Death Note.

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Game of Thrones