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I have one simple question: Where is the Joker?

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The last time any of us saw the Joker he was run off the road into the river by damien in Batman R.I.P. So where is he? You would think that during the most drastic turn of events for Gotham City, the Batman Family, and the rouges of arkham, Joker would be in the middle of it all. Joker would undoubtley notice that the recentley returned  Batman is not his old arch-nemesis and he would be one of the most affected by it. Bruce was the ying to Joker's yang, the Joker lived to terrorize him. His response to what has happened to batman is vital to his character's future in Gotham. So why have we seen nothing of him? What happened to Gotham's Clown Prince of Crime?

Your thoughts...
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I think he's wanting for  the really Batman to come back.

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He's the most overrated villain in comic history.I hope he's dead.

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@Vance Astro:
he may be overrated, but hes earned that
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My theory is Joker will return just before bruce comes back, Joker will kill dick grayson and damien off for pretending to be batman and robin, Then Bruce comes back from the "dead" and takes care of business, probably not but I think it would be cool

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I don't buy batman comics but if I found out joker would confront dick than hell yea i would.

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I agree to the fact that the Joker has become somewhat overrated and I love that some of the other arkham rouges are getting leading roles (mainly Two-Face, the new Black Mask, and Firefly), but I think we need to see what's going through the mind of Batman's greatest foe.

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Overrated is a retarded word. People just say that when the mass likes a character that they hate. After someone says overrated everyone else just agrees to not look like a conformist. The Joker is popular because he deserves it for starting out as some stupid gimmick that was meant to die on his first appearance to one of the best comic villains ever.

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Like I said I agree, the Joker is Batman's greatest enemy and he has earned that title a hundred times over. Maybe overrated is the wrong word, he is overused in the comics. It's nice to have some of the other villians rise in power and become greater enemies of the Caped Crusader. We need  to see the joker's reaction to everything that has occurred, but he need not come back as dick's greatest antagonist. Let some other character take the role of dick's most dangerous adversary. I personally thought the Dark Knight was fantastic and would have picked no other villain to take his place in that film. The character's recent popularity among the masses has absolutley nothing to do with his role in what is taking place now.