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Physics and Computer Science with a dash of Philosophy. I hate biology though. lol

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Im somewhat skilled in and like paleontology

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electronic engineering,it's fun to make circuits

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Game Theory and Astronomy

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History and Biology

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Mechanical physics and radiology

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Biology is my favorite. To get more specific fields like animal science, evolutionary biology, and paleontology. I just love animals, past or present, and want to know everything I can about them and how life came to be how it is today.

After that is Social Science. Specifically archaeology, anthropology, and psychology. I like to know how people work, but more than that I am deeply fascinated with how culture and civilization develops. I like to learn how we are different, as well as how we are the same, why we form the belief systems we do, and what those belief systems say about the society those people lived in.

Put them together and you get one of my favorite things to think about. Astrobiology. More specifically what life might be like on alien worlds that are radically different from our own. What might their ecology be like? How might their evolutionary history differ from ours? What sort of belief system would a wildly different organism develop, and what sort of civilization might come from it?