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You can choose 1 team and 3 basketball players, who are your favourite team and top 3 ballers?

As for team: I stay loyal with my beloved Boston Celtics

My all-time favourite ballers would be: Pete Maravich, Isaiah Thomas & Magic Johnson (Sorry Lebron)

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My favorite team: Orlando Magic, followed closely by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Favorite current players: Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Dwight Howard (in this particular order)

All-time: Michael Jordan, Shaq, and David Robinson

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  • Favorite Teams: Golden State and The Clippers.
  • Favorite Players: Stephen Curry is easily my favorite player of today,Followed by Kevin Durant,Lebron, Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, Russel Westbrook, Klay Thompson.
  • All time: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson,and Kobe.

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Favorite Team : Miami Heat

Favorite Players : Michael Jordan, Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Elgin Baylor, Julius Erving

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My favorite team would be 1997 and 1998 Utah Jazz; best team play I've actually witnessed live and on tv. Favorite players, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, and Kareem. I had (have) a love/hate for Jordan (although I usually rooted for a team against him, after time has passed, I have to admit that he was good and one of a kind; I have this similar thing for Lebron). And, an honorary mention for Kobe; I'm proud that he scored that 60 points in his final game to vindicate his last couple of seasons.

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team: SA spurs in the west, NY knicks in the east

now players: kawhi leonard, klay thompson, kristaps porzingis (assuming he improves by a lot)

all-time players: hakeem olajuwon, tim duncan, dirk nowitzki

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Favorite Teams(West and East): Spurs (Number 1 Fav) and Celtics

Favorite Current Players: Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving

All Time Favorites: Tim Duncan, Hareem Olajuwon, and Wilt Chamberlain

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Don't really have a fave team, honestly. Favorite players would be: Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, and Dirk Nowitzki

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Don't have a Fav team. I always root for the Cavs, but that's my home team. Favorite players are Kobe, Tmac, Magic, Kyrie, Westbrook, and Paul George.

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Do college teams count? Kansas Jayhawks for me

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Favorite team: Phoenix Suns

Fav players: Kobe, Steve Nash, Eric Bledsoe, Devin Booker, Melo, Magic, Shaq, TMac, Grant Hill, Dirk

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Bump this is cool :)

Team: I'm that guy that likes all but I'm straight out the 6 so.... Clippers. Jk. Raptors for sure.

Players (Currently): DeMar freaking Derozan bro. Way to drop the points. Followed closely by Paul George and Klay better-than-Curry Thompson.

All time: MJ, Kobe and again Derozan.

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Favorite team: Pistons and the Bulls

Favorite player: Dwyane Wade

All-time: Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Isiah Thomas, Kobe Bryant

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Team: Celtics

Players: Larry Bird and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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Team: Raptors



Only one that's probably "listed" in my head, will always be DeRozan at 1.

-DeMar DeRozan/Kyle Lowry/Norman Powell

-Aaron Gordon

-Paul George

-Ben Simmons/Joel Embiid

-Lonzo Ball/Kyle Kuzma

-Devin Booker

-Kawhi Leonard

-Anthony Davis


-DeMar DeRozan/Kyle Lowry/Vince Carter

-Allen Iverson

-Chris Webber

-Tim Duncan/David Robinson

-Scottie Pippen/MJ/Dennis Rodman

-Ray Allen

-Tracy McGrady

-Hakeem Olajuwon

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Favorite team is the Houston Rockets

Favorite player, probably LeBron or Paul George

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current Ws player: Draymond

former Ws player: Hardaway

non Ws player: DeMarcus Cousins

alltime player: Jordan

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Current team: Celtics

All time team: Bulls/Pistons/Celtics

Players: Jordan, Garnett, Pierce