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Around 5,500 of Rome's most battle-hardened elite troops simply disappear from the historical record. What happened?
  • Lost due to battle with the Britons?
  • Lost during the Bar Kokhba revolt?
  • Lost during the Parthian War?
  • Lost during a rebellion on the Danube?
  • Lost in a battle in Cappadocia?
  • The Legion was renamed/misspelled in later documents?
  • Went native?
  • Aliens?
  • Other?

If your a history enthusiast, share your opinion. If not, tell us what you think anyway.

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Bad book keeping. Seriously, that's the reason for most historical mysteries. Got renamed or the clerk messed up, the records were damaged, somebody was lazy one day and decided not to do their job, etc. History is forgotten due to incompetence.

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Apparently there are people in China who claim to be the descendants of the lost legion. Sounds farfetched, it kind of reminds me off how some groups claim to be decedents from a lost tribe of Israel.


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Dead chat is dead

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*Insert Doctor Who reference here*