Vox,Valentino,and Velvet from Hazbin Hotel

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Who are Vox ,Valentino,and Velvet from Hazbin Hotel? Well they are some of the major villains of the series With Vox being the most prominent. They are one of Hell's overlords and apart of the villain hiearchy of antagonists in the future of the series.

VOx is the Tv Demon who was human in the 50's and controls all of hell's tv stations he and Alastor do not get along due to their views on technology so they are arch-rivals

Vox the TV Demon
Vox the TV Demon

Valentino is the demon who owns adult films and is Angel Dust's abusive boss.

Valentino the pimp demon
Valentino the pimp demon

Lastly there is Velvet the female pigtail demon who is a future villain in the series she is friends with Valentino and Vox not much is known but she seems to like selfies and seems to be in charge of Social media.

Velvet the social media demon
Velvet the social media demon

these are some of the demons that would become major villains in the series and there are more to come.