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Hello all Viners. Do you watch Red vs Blue. Now you may not know what that is. If you don't I'll explain it to you. Red vs Blue is the longest running web series in the world. It is very funny, has good action scenes, and at times can be very deep and it always had a good story line. And the plot twist can also be pretty awesome. Now it is made by a company called Rooster Teeth. Just a group of gaming friends made this website. The owner of the company is named Burnie Burns. This show was one of the first Machinima ever. It is made out of just people playing Halo, but is so much more. Now if you are more into the action, deepness, story line, and stuff instead of the comedy. All that really starts at season 6. And the show is now at season 10. Now I could show you some videos but it might have spoilers so I won't. But I think you should all check it out. And by the way it has HIGH PROFANITY. Please enjoy and support the show.