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Whatever music like Rock

I would recommend ghost atlas to you guys.

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A couple of things that come to mind.

Moody Blues days of the future past isn't rated high enough.

The youtube vid was blocked by UMG because they are C

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The watch Disappearing act. google it.

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Space rock is an awesome genre if you haven't already heard of it. Check this out.

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Really great song from a really great band.

Also, if you're into ambient/dark ambient music, this is like the holy grail.

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King Gizard. Who knows what substance is the source of their music.

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Joe Satriani, the best solo guitarist ever.

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Meg Myers

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Gnarly Bastard by XXXTentacion

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Dream Theater, my favorite band of all.

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1. Ween

2. They Might Be Giants

3. Five Iron Frenzy

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The entire Pokémon Clover Ost list, my favorite being Know Your Morality.

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A tribe called quest, blacks soundtrack

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  • Gloryhammer: Tales from the Kingdom of Fife and Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards
  • Sabaton
  • Ancient Bards

I love symphonic rock.

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I recommend the Synthwave genre

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especially Kavinsky's music (Nightcall is the best)

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Pick you choice from either No More Heroes Soundtrack(s). Those games have some kick ass soundtracks.

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I would recommend some EDM by Xtrullor:

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Some nightcore genre originals

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Jackson C. Frank

Nick Drake.

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Dream On by Pipe Choir:


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Played it during Halloween, nobody could guess it.