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The Life of Alfred Pennyworth

1:1 - Childhood

A young chubby boy, Alfred Pennyworth was born and grew up in a small town about 13.295 miles north south south east of Liverpool, England. He suffered many difficulties growing up, including being overweight, he had a drunk of a father who would often beat on his mother, who occasionally enjoyed cross-dressing as a male and intimidating military troops. Hating his father, young Alfred often turned to his mother for guidance and leadership, which is why at such a young age he was influenced to join the army. Having seen so many young troops in and out of their small 1/2 bedroom house, it was programmed in Alfred's mind that the military makes his mother happy.

1:2 - Teen Years

At 18 Alfred had joined the British reserves, however having joined in 1945, he wasn't really reserved and sent straight into the German front. After spending months in the trenches and enduring weeks without good food or clean filtered tap water and having witnessed the suicides of fellow soldiers, Alfred decided to create a boardgame called Monopoly. They based the "Monopoly Guy" character off moments when Alfred's comrads would get on the "green" and dress Alfred in a monicle and top had. After 3 years of service and 2 Medal of Honours, Alfred climbed up the ranks quicky and found himself in working for British Intelligence by 1949.

1:3 - The Glory Days

After serving 30 years in British Intelligence 1969 had fell upon him, he had aged yed wisdom had grown upon him and he was one of the most respected members of British Intelligence. Years serving 00 agents with their gadgetry and weapons under the Alias "Q". He soon found himself being forced from behind his desk and back out into the battlefeid serving in the Vietnam war. He found himself serving as a Feild Marshal for the entire British Militia. Having rescued several comrads of multiple nations he was awarded another medal of honour for his 2 years service in the Vietnam war.

2:1 - A New Life

During the Vietnam war, Alfred had made connections with agents and governing bodies of the American Government was suaded to open office in Washington D.C. The year is now 1984 and Alfred Pennyworth is reprenting British Intelligence working out of Pentagon. His wife of 11 years, Le Nyugen and 2 sons Jackie and Chan lived with him in his large $300,000US home (1984) driving a Escalade to work. Alfred was later again called to served in the Gulf War. His connections with the American government allowed the real reason for Iraq's invasion was not only for the oil, but a secret mystical Prophecy of the chosen one's guardian.

2:2 - The Prophecy

Legend tells that the ancient scroll can only be opened and read by the chosen one chosen to guard the chosen one. It also tells that the chosen one's name will be symbolized through the gain of wealth from oil after Iraq's Invasion... Wayne. in 1985Iraq was invaded, a scroll was obtained and Trillions of dollars worth of oil was reaped from the ground, the man to profit was Dr. Thomas Wayne and from this profit was able to establish Wayne Enterprise. The scroll was obtained by Alfred and it turns out he is the chosen one to guard the chosen one because he opened the scroll and read it.

3:3 - Forfilling the Prophecy

It was then decided by the World Governing Order (Secret Underground Government Agency that really knows whats going on) that Alfred would be apointed as the butler for Wayne Manor, as it was clear their only child Bruce was the chosen one chosen to protect Gotham, which is where Alfred now lives... in Wanye Manor.

4:1 - The Legend Begins

25 Years had passed and young Bruce Wayne had now become a man. Alfred's mission had become a success as Bruce became Batman and succesfully protected Gotham from all the bad guys.

I got tired if anyone wants to ad anything feel free...

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You should have put this in the Alfred forum

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Hey... thats pretty cool cpt linger  !
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King Saturn said:
"Hey... thats pretty cool cpt linger  !
ty :)
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LoL Gr8 story!