Tacos vs. Wings

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I love them both, it's hard to decide.

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It's extremelyclose but Wing Stop blitz and one-shot.

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Buffalo Wild Wings one-shot

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Mhmm. I can't choose between the star's in the sky.

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Stars. Obviously, wings.

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Buffalo Thighs for me

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I just went in on some all you can eat wings on Saturday. I gotta ride with wings.

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Tacos I suppose.

Rationale being that I don't have to hold on to the sticky/oily meat and there's no bones to pick out of the food.

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Wings all day

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Hmm honestly. Maybe tacos

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I used to like wings in the past but now I prefer tacos more.

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Wings but Tacos are great too.

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Good wings over good tacos but cheap tacos over cheap wings.

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American food is delicious, Buffalo Chicken Wings is too much, then I would pick Barbecue Ribs. Mexican food is ok, I was in a 5 Mexican star hotel, Grand Bahia Principe in Tulum and the Tacos were horrible, then we opted to go to traditional restaurants and it was ok, a little bit hard to digest, but ok, Burritos and Quesadilla are better IMO, but American food is better.

North + South America ranking.

I would rank Peru and Colombia on the 1 first place, USA second place, Argentina third place and Mexico fifth place, below Brazil.


I can actually imagine myself enjoying Mexican food for maximally 2 and a half weeks, after the following period of time, no way, I would prefer to consume other dishes, while Colombian, Peruvian and American dishes are tasty and not tiresome for the taste, for example, I consider American salad recipes better in entire South and North America, way superior.

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Mexican tacos

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wings just for practicality

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Stars. Obviously, wings.

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Authentic tacos.

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