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Despite a storyline that had irked many, Dan Slott has at least been able to generate buzz and that’s a win for Marvel. As collectors storm their LCS’s for appearances and related issues I am starting to wonder which comic is actually the first appearance of the Superior Spider-Man. As it stands Slott has tweeted that Daredevil 21 is the first appearance. But the characters is only seen in shadows. We never get to see those horrible claws Peter Parkerpus added. This has sparked internet debates over which issue should be considered the first appearance. Is it #700, Daredevil 21 or The Avenging Spider-Man 15.1?

Let me know what you believe…

Other key issues:

Amazing Spider-Man 600 ( buy the blue DF variant, it is the rarest variant ) First appearance of the transference machine? Where is that machine now by the way?

Amazing Spider-Man 594

Avenging Spider-Man 8