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Astronomer Patrick Moore died today peacefully and at home. An avid gamer and self taught astronomer Sir Moore fought in WW2 at 17 after lying about his age and was one of the smartest men in the UK and one of my heroes.

Not long before his death he had this to say "I get up, drink my usual four coffees, have a look at the obituaries in The Times, and if I'm not in them, I'll get on with the day's work.

“I'm not scared of dying. I believe in some form of afterlife: I just hope my uncle George isn't there — silly, baldheaded old coot."

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It's fair to say the guy could rock a monocle with the best of them.


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Rest In Peace.

“This is where we start celebrating life.”

In his words.

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Rest in Peace, Sir Moore. =(

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Whew, I thought you were talking about Charlie....I mean.........R.I.P

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Thats a damn shame, RIP

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Another member of the "Greatest Generation" lost.

Rest easy, Patrick Moore, you did indeed earn it.

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@PowerHerc: guy was a legend in the UK

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It is so sad to see him go. He was truly an amazing man <3

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That sucks. At least he accepted it peacefully.

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