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Neil Armstrong died today at age 82. 

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Whether you believe about the moon landing or not. Two things are for sure: 1) The moon landing was one of the few events that people could remember well where they were when it happened 2) Neil Armstrong was a good man, a true hero.  Rest in peace.
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That sucks.

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It's such a shame an incredible man has died. RIP Neil.

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Whoa he just died? Wasn't he just as the Olympics or something?

"Be water my friend"

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RIP ;(

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Rest in peace Neil.

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this saddens the jamz :-(

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That's sad :(

Rest in peace, Neil Armstrong.

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Lol at th headline

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@lykopis said:

A life well lived.

My thoughts exactly. the man lived to be 82. that's a very good life.

My condolences.

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@lykopis said:
A life well lived.
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@lykopis said:

A life well lived.
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Another of America's heroes is gone.

Rest easy Neil Armstrong.