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Rest in peace.

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Oh my god I can't believe this!

Much respect to the count.

I will remember him for Dracula, Rasputin, Lord Summerisle, Saruman and being the oldest person in history to release a metal album.

Also for being a badass actor with a badass voice.

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He played a villain like the best of them, what an unfortunate event.

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Hammer Horror legend :(

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What!? :(

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Oh well, he lived a full fulfilling life and he has done pretty much anything so I am not sad.

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Such a shame. He was a wonderful actor and he will be missed. R.I.P.

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RIP spooky villain man

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charlie and the chocolate factory

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I was really saddened to hear that. He was a great actor and seemed like a nice dude.


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Dracula will never die

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Awesome actor. RIP

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He was the coolest guy ever, read into his history, he lived an amazing life. He was so awesome :(

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I just learned about this 20 minutes ago. Waking up to my brother telling me that Christopher Lee is dead...

RIP Christopher Lee.

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Oh my, this is so sad. RIP, Mr. Christopher Lee

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Saruman and Count Dracula will never be forgotten.

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The halls of Mandos ring with a new song.

Though to us, it seems an irredeemable wrong.

We cannot be greedy, even with our love for him.

For all of us will be reunited in the music of Eru, the One.

Lame little poem, but I don't really know how else to express this.

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@rogueshadow: Interesting fact, he was the only dude in the LOTR cast to meet JRR Tolkien.

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May he rest in piece.

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Descance em paz


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Rest In Peace, Christopher Lee...

Strange Coincedence, I was talking about Count Dooku in the What's On Your Mind Thread a Day or so ago...

He Got To Live A Long Time... So That's A Plus... Even Though It Is Tragic.

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R.I.P. man, the dude was a great actor. T_T

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He was a great actor

May his soul rest in peace

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He was a legend. R.I.P.

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RIP. I never knew he was that old. His acting was very good.

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Great Actor, war hero, rock star...he's pretty much a legend.

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@rogueshadow: Interesting fact, he was the only dude in the LOTR cast to meet JRR Tolkien.

He's also the step cousin of Ian Fleming (author of James Bond).

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@maccyd: Both of them worked in MI5 during WW2 and that's where Fleming got his ideas for Bond novels.

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RIP Christopher Lee

The man was one of the people I idolized :(

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My favorite actor. He's in heaven now, performing plays for Jesus. I love Christopher, you will be missed!

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R.I.P Christopher lee :(

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93 years old..Sounds like he lived a good long life. RIP Chris, enjoyed your performances

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@mandarinestro: If you were actually to explain his life to someone who didn't know him, you'd think it was an exaggerated chuck norris style pisstake tbh :P

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He was 93 years old? Damn it didn't look like it.


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Rest in peace : (

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Rest in peace. May the force be with him.

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nooooooooo i wanted him to be the oldest actor ever :(

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Rest in peace Sir Christopher Lee and Ron Moody. This is so saddening.

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Rest in peace, friend. You helped make a lot of my childhood.

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He lived a life that people could only dream about. RIP Sir Christopher Lee.

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Man, and I almost thought the guy was immortal.

He's done more shit in 93 years than most people could claim to have done in several lifetimes.

Rest in peace.